Maltese & Biscottis Cat Treats

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Winning design #224 by BIMO83, Logo Design for Maltese & Biscottis Cat Treats Contest
Gold Medal

designed by BIMO83

Project description

Hi, I'm starting an organic cat treat business that will feature cat treats in Milk Bottles and hopefully be sold in pet stores all over the world one day. I want it to be sort of Luxe for the kitties. Think 'Fancy Feast'

Some good info to have, Biscotti is an Italian cookie for Coffee. I want it to look more Feminine than masculine. Maltese is a grey/blue cat. Think Russian blue or any grey cat if you are thinking of incorporating a colored cat. Warm colors and coffee colors are good. I also like pastels and those cute vintage Italian car type colors. 

I need a professional logo that all ages and women will love. Something Americans old and young will like. I want people to trust my treats with their kitties.

I like these cat cafe's logo design.
Cute dog boulangerie also inspirational

This is just cute.

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  • About #100, @Routh May I see this with a bolder font perhaps, if it's not too much trouble?
    • About #100, @morehorl on it!! :);)
      Have a nice day!

    • About #100, @morehorl Let me know if you need any more changes, colors, fonts or anything that you can possibly think of,just let me know,i'll be more than happy to do so!!!!

      Have an awesome day!

  • Hello @morehorl
    It has been a fun contest to take part in!

    You may please check #248 and #249...

  • please give feedback #239
  • cat treats #237
  • luxury & professional design. #235
  • some color improvement #224
  • About #194, @BIMO83 I like this drawing, can the cat be grey with white markings on mouth and stomach? With green or blue eyes?
  • About #203, @ihsan Could I see a bolder font with this one?
    • @morehorl allowed, but sorry in advance if my english is less nice..i wear font Alex Brush.saya hope you like it.

  • @morehorl pls check my work & give me your feedback

    #187 #188 #196
  • check my design please, thanks #195
  • hope you like it #193
  • hope you like it #192
  • m + b + cat + Biscuit = MALTSE & BISCOTTIS / Cat Treat #186
  • m + b + gato + galleta = MALTSE y biscottis / Cat Treat #185
  • m + b + cat + Biscuit = MALTSE & BISCOTTIS / Cat Treat #182
  • m + b + cat + Biscuit = MALTSE & BISCOTTIS / Cat Treats #181
  • Hi,Please check my design. #163
  • Hi,Please check my design. #162
  • Hi,Please check my design. #161
  • Hi,Please check my design. #160