Mandala Marijuana Company

We received lots of entries and fresh ideas during our contest. The logo we ultimately chose is excellent for our purposes and we never would have thought of it on our own.

$275 paid

66 custom designs

16pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #38 by CesarPano, Logo Design for Mandala Marijuana Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by CesarPano

Project description

We need a logo designed for a legal marijuana business located in Colorado, United States. The Idea for the name and logo came from a mandala shape that is seen looking down at the top of a terminal bud. The apex leaves create a triangular shape and the bud in the middle makes a small simple mandala. The colors selected are just a pallet; different shades can be used and not all colors are required. 

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  • hqr
    excuse my confusion......................................................................................
  • excuse me @hqr, yes we are serious, good people. We are not stealing anything.
    • hqr

      @willcbailey thanks for your reply, seeing his name, I thought it was a joke, and there are people who take advantage of the designers on these platforms, harnessed and shameless people. Sorry

  • hqr
    Watch out ,
    these gentlemen may be stealing designs,
    looking for ideas, not spend their best designs,
    and monitor their creations to prevent "mandala company" use your good designs.

    His avatar name is not serious
  • hqr
    hello ,you are serious people?,good people?
  • Green color monocromatic #38
  • Invert colors #37
  • Can you remove the green triangle from this one please? #34
  • Can we see this logo in mono chrome using only green? Also, please replace 'marijuanna' with Cannabis. #20
    • About #20, @willcbailey of course, no problem

  • Please reverse colors & show us the logo in all green. Please replace marijuanna with cannabis. #18
  • with black leaf #30
  • @cryss17 at the moment we are liking this entry for our logo. Could you make another version of this design where the almost black leaves (those are awesome btw) have a very thin accent of the lavender color on the outer edges? And if there is too much lavender at that point maybe change the lavender ring to a color a little lighter than the black leaves? We understand if that isn't possible and we would like to keep entry #15 in regardless. #15
  • About #20, @CesarPano

    its colors are too strong for my taste,
    I prefer this similar combination.
  • I want to mention that the hand drawn logo is just an idea that was inspired by the photo. We do somewhat like the triangular shape and representation of flower in the center and leaves but we are certainly open to other ideas inspired by the photo.