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Winning design #75 by egner, Logo Design for mandalaria Contest
Gold Medal

designed by egner

Project description

I am looking for new logo for my website Mandalaria is website with hand-drawn mandalas posted by their creator.

Mandalaria is (will be) big gallery site which is (almost) combination of facebook/pinterest/instagram.

Mandalaria is all about mandalas, so logo must include small mandala image in its part. Actual website design is just concept and will be completely redesign in future. So there are no limits (colors, fonts...).

If you dont know what is mandala, read this:

You can see detail of website (with one my own hand-drawn mandala) for example here: (you can look at other mandalas shown in right sidebar, but if you want to look at homepage, you need to register).

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  • closer? #111
  • Here begin horizontal line. Why? #97
    • @lukas Hi, can you explain the question again? I don't understand it.

  • About #97, @EcoDesigns Why is logo slice on two halfs by horizontal line? And the eyes have different width in each of the head. So rotate second circle to the right by 1 mayve 2 degrees.
  • Here is the end of the line. #97
  • @lukas Thank you for rating my latest entry #87. Feel free to let me know if you need any changes in it.
  • About #95, @Bayu Do you have these logos in vector formats? And one note to all - Text is not vertically centered (text is more closer to top line than the bottom one)
  • This leave is missing. And so at the opposite side. #94
    • @lukas oh ya! sorry for that, I'll fix it right away..

  • About #94, #93, @Bayu Its not fair game! :D
  • Loop from small Ms removed. #89
  • Can you provide me this in style of 4 pictures as #58 or #75? Thanks #40
    • @lukas Hi Lukas. I will do all the changes tomorrow. And maybe one more design variation.

    • @egner Maybe the changes wont be necessary. I did big selection - 1 logo by 1 author and you can see actual rating at this time (above 90 rating is going to final decision). But another design variation will be great.

  • Can you provide me this in style of 4 pictures as #58 or #75? Thanks #42
  • Change color as at #85, give away white stroke and shadows and rotate it to horizontal position. And use only black and white background. #77
  • Whats the different compare to #76? #80
  • Those small "M"s in the middle of circle are so smaaaaall they looks like awful tip of banana. Just do them as lines without any loop - middle circle deserve to be more simple. Colors are accurate. #74
  • I dont like these lines - they looks like a caterpillar. And please, dont use shadows and white stroke - its so cheap :) Color of font - black, dark gray or red, thats colors I want. Violet is not my favourite #79
    • @lukas thanks for the review, will I revised back

  • About #78, @GAKA I think our mandala dont need flowers, because its not server only for woman :) I must say, they are pretty, but its far away from must-have logo.
  • Nice style. Change the text to hand-drawn mandalas.
    • @lukas Thanks for the feedback. I have revised it #76. I am glad you like the direction, feel free to ask for any further changes.

  • Refined edges, edited tagline and added more vibrant colors :) #74
  • About #72, @weiesnbach Thank for new idea, I like this retro style. But its not what I am looking for - if I had photo studio, I will absolutely use that because its bring to mind some things close to photography (maybe its because the main mandala look like camera shutter).
  • Thank you. Idea is great, but I prefer clean vector style. #63
    • @lukas Thank you, I will try something cleaner.