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Winning design #106 by felixjzz, Logo Design for Man's Best Friend Foundation Contest
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designed by felixjzz

Project description

Man's Best Friend Foundation is a tax exempt organization, established to provide cash grants to Veterinarian clinics that provide pro bono life sustaining services to small animals, as well as those that perform rehabilitative services to the discarded, abused or neglected animals. The primary goal is raise money through public donations. Providing cash grants resulting from those fund raising ventures to Veterinarians who have given their time and professional talents to preserve life sustaining treatment for small animals on a pro bono basis, and to help support those performing rehabilitative services to discarded, abused or neglected animals.

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  • I like the clever design the the cats and dog together. Very cute.
    • Thanks for liking my design. Kindly let me know If you need any modification or changes. Thanks.

  • Here's a preview for a possible alternative version of my initial proposal where a cat is also featured: #21.
  • This is good Fabio. I like the reasoning behind your design and I like the big dog incorporated into the logo.
    • I'm glad you like it, and I'm ready for any modifications, adjustments and previews you'd like me to prepare to optimize the concept.

  • Dear CH, I have created two logos for your consideration #19 & #20. The concepts have a clean and sharp feel. Both are simple enough to be transferred to one color, if required. The simplicity of both designs allows them to be reduced to a small size and still be clear. Fonts and colors can be changed as per your choice. Looking forward to hear from you. Regards EcoDesigns
  • This looks sharp. Nice crisp and clean look at feel. I like the more contemporary look. Any chance of making a version that might have dog and/or cat incorporated into it? Thank you.
  • This looks nice, fits the theme and it is a clever design the the cat and dog. Thank you.
  • one entry design only , you have four different designs in one entry
  • you have a copied a design idea found here
  • Hello Darrin, here's my draft concept: #15, shown in a sample color scheme. The small dog figure in the icon holds up its right paw - highlighted in negative space - suggesting an injury or a cast for which veterinary care is needed: such caring theme is implemented in a fanning arch encompassing the animal, as it stretches like a protective, tending hand composed of dedicated people and resources. I'm ready for your feedback and requests.
  • Do not copy existing design!;
  • Hi CH. Please find my entries #26, #27, #32. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • Hello. Thank you for submitting logo. Would you be able to make a version of this without the bird? Thank you.
    • |--|

      darrinolson {*wrote*}:
      Hello. Thank you for submitting logo. Would you be able to make a version of this without the bird? Thank you.
      |--| I removed the bird and did a little shifting of the words. Thank you.

  • Hi CH, I have also produced a new entry #58, #59. As you can clearly see the main image of Man's Best Friend is the Dog, however if you look closely I have subtly incorporated a Cat into the logo. Colours can be changed upon request, look forward to your feedback. Regards SJK
  • Thank you. Would you be able to make a version of this without the rabbit?
    • Hi CH, thank you for the feedback, please find entry #56, #57. Regards SJK

  • Hello, Here are my designs proposals #42 (negative space with caring hand and dog face/head), #43, #44 & #45 (a human palm as a care and friendship with dog head silhouette on it ). I am hoping you will take these in consideration. If you have any suggestions or request for changes, please let me know. Kind regards, Sandra
  • Hi CH i just want to know your opinion or your suggestions about my entry #46 thank you
  • Hi CH, Please find my latest entry #78, I have also given you a few font options #79. Feedback greatly appreciated. Colours can be changed upon request. Regards SJK
  • your entry is too much like entry 42
  • Copying an existing logo is not allowed!