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Winning design #156 by jpbituin, Logo Design for Motivante Plastic Industry  needs a inspiring, motivating logo Contest
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designed by jpbituin

Project description

We need a logo that represents the idea of motivation, inspiration and innovation. "Motivante" is the main focus of the logo. "Indústria e Comércio de Plásticos" should be a secondary part of the logo, that may be used or not, depending on the media that the logo will be applied to. This should be a logo that may be used in all kinds of media, like business card, t-shirts, folders, products packing, web pages, billboards and so on. We want a sober logo, not a funny one but not an old fashion too. We want it modern but also that passess the idea of a consolidated, trustworthy company. I like the idea of having some simble added to the wording, that would recall the company when it gets well known. This simble should rather be somethig exclusive than a variance of existing ones. But the use of components like a star, an arrow or some other objects are acceptable since it leads to a creative and exclusive logo.

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  • Could you mirror the emblem to see how it would look like?
  • I like the variation #6 better. May be you could develop some othe concept insted of this.
  • I like the variation #6 better. May be you could develop some othe concept insted of this.
  • From the three variations present, this is the one I like most. But still not the concept I'd like to have. The emblem is too apart of the Name. I like the #8 font better.
  • Arrows pointing up gives me the idea of motivation, but i didn't like the model of these arrows. Maybe a variace of this idea? An arrow some how involving the Motivante word.
  • My rating criteria is 5 for the designs I like at first sight. Less than 5 If I don't like it very much. More than 5 as I find in the design the elements that I'm looking for. Thanks all for your entries!
  • Thank you for the feedback, I will post revisions soon, Regards, -- jjy
  • I like this as I like #3. But I think its too shy. I need some more motivation into it!
  • I like the logo, but I'm missing a stronger emblem. Something that speaks for it self. This would be good for a business card, but I need to use the logo in every sort of media.
  • This looks nice. I like the font, the design and proportions. I like the colour of the emblem, but if you cover the text, what does the emblem tells you? I need something more remarkable. That passes the idea of inspiration, innovation. You might change your odder entry to something like this one, with a more remarkable emblem. Costumers should look at the emblem and recall the company.
  • Dear CH, This design is based on letter M, and translucent plastic. Hope you like it. -- jjy
  • I like your odder entry beter. Text proportions to emblem should be more like #2. Emblem is too general. does not recall a company
  • I didn't like the proportions nor the symble.
  • About Marcoatcosta question: The name of the company is Motivante, not Mantivante. This was a typo that I'm asking help from the site to fix! Thanks Marco!
  • i'm confused... the name is mantivante ou motivante?
  • my idea of a clear modern and trustworth look.
  • I likek the emblem. Can you please change the font.
  • Dear CH, trying to combine two colors blue and silver. and silver form a diagram of its progress upward to the top. I hope you like it. :) Best ragard
  • Hi CH, #89 has color atoms with green type. If you would like to see other colors in atoms, please let me know. Thank you.
  • Here I have improved my design by incorporating depth onto the letters using highlight to make them appear like plastic as well I have added the star-like feature to denote innovation or spark. Please let me know what I can do to improve.