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Winning design #179 by URMay, Logo Design for manuela Contest
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designed by URMay

Project description

I am working on a botanical drink


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  • Since a lord of people already know about your producers are Made from so i am offering a luxury logo with the feel of mount Blanc of the BITTER NOTE....the four lines are indicate music or partitur. I diduga my part and i believe i Will warna what i deserve to have. ....a custom design of electrical bike can't go by the way without FUNd. (The Best Designer on your projects....who else? ;) #343

  • Please check #342

  • Please check #341

    I've changed the font
  • bold design with climbing plants and notations #335
  • Please check this entry #331
  • About #227, @aidar1 ok sir i try to use another font
  • Bold and minimize design #319
  • ......better in dark grey than for 100% black. #307
  • It seems hard to me to get over 90 rate but for "unlock" the Bond....that android canggih design and wish for Can develop more in the future so can create Tiff for banner print and Eps too. Create in logopit....and asking for a chance from you although mau Can take a risk for it. Wish for granted. #305
  • Please check this entry. #299
  • tbn #288
  • tbn #286
  • How about this?
    Regards. #282
  • I like the idea, but the reading is confusing. Can you try to make it more similar as a "B" letter? #279
    • @manuela_zanin Thanks for your response, I will fix it soon. Regards.

  • please try to propose few different fonts #278
  • please try to replace this with some musical notes #278
  • please try to use a different font #227
  • please try a few versions by replacing this decoration with something botanical, see example #205
  • please try to make the notes easier to understant by adapting something like #262
  • please use some green color on the leaves and on the backgroung of "BOTANICAL DRINK" #218