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The designers all worked very hard and came up with a lot of great ideas. It was very hard to pick the logo with just the right look for us. I would definitely use again.

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Winning design #149 by CosmicCreative, Logo Design for Marco Custom Builders, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by CosmicCreative

Project description

We are a luxury custom home builder on Marco Island in Florida. We typically build projects in the two million dollar range, and are looking for a logo that will speak to customers in that price range, and identify us readily. Our logo must: Be white and blue. A touch of red or another color is fine, but the main colors need to be a vibrant blue and white. No gold please. Be easy to read on a construction sign. Please use a modern bold font that looks high quality. Have a simple but elegant symbol that is modern, simple, and at one look tells someone we build large custom homes. The name in our logo can't focus on only Marco. Please make all words in our name the same size. Marco is the island we build on, not our proper name, so making the Marco bigger than the rest of the font is counterproductive for us.

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  • Sorry but we are looking for a much more modern look and dislike gold
  • That's much more red than what we are looking for, and "heavier" as well, we are looking for something more modern
  • Like the design and colors, as well as the script. I think the house idea is great, and it is accessible, but perhaps a touch more playful than what we are looking for. Perhaps straighter lines for the house design? Color combo is right on
    • Thank you for your feedback. Kindly see the revised house design with straighter lines. Regards, s.thomas.

  • This is what we are trying to avoid, highlighting the first letters of our name
  • Could you change the font in this design to be a bolder more solid font? Thank you
    • Done! :) Do you want to see more changes in this design or in my other design (font, colors, the house)? Thanks for advance.

  • Could we see this design with only the house and the font, no background or water? Thank you!
  • This looks much more like what we are looking for
  • We like the design of the house, but felt that the design was missing some detail? The feel is definitely what we are looking for in terms of fonts and colors
    • Hi! Thank you so much for the comment...maybe...would you like to see this design with more details? Kind Regards,

    • |--|

      Rocky30 {*wrote*}:
      Hi! Thank you so much for the comment...maybe...would you like to see this design with more details? Kind Regards,
      |--| Yes please

    • Can you revise the new design? I hope your feedback. Thank you so much.

  • SGh
    Hi,Contest Holder,may I use some green in my design?Thanks.
    • Sure, a little green is fine as long as it isn't a major color

    • SGh


      mikeroller1 {*wrote*}:
      Sure, a little green is fine as long as it isn't a major color
      |--| Hi,CH,I've submitted entries #17,#18,& #19...please feel free to give feedback or suggestions so that I can modify them accordingly.Thanks.

  • Could I see this design without the skyscrapers and with the palm leaves you used on the first one? Thank you!
  • Is there a way you can replace the mountains in the background? We don't have any anywhere nearby.
    • Thanks for the feedback and rank on my work. I resubmit the logo changes, please review and check out the logo. let me know if there are changes and flaws in my work. Hopefully get a logo that suits you. Sorry my bad English Regards, Keyla

  • This logo is great, perfect use of font and colors!
  • Could you make the Marco custom builder all the same size font? I like the idea a lot. Thanks
    • Of course, I'm working on it .

  • DuK
    Hello CH! Can I hear some feedback #46 ? Want to know what style you like!
  • hay i have new design #40 please check and feedback thank reagards
  • We like this idea of the design VERY much! Do you have any other ideas for the symbol? We like the way it lays out. Thanks!!!
    • thank you for the feedback, but can you give me a rating on the design that I know?

  • Hi! My design is 39, I added a little green lawn. Say it possible?
  • We build much larger custom homes, and are looking for a very modern design. Overall idea is good, but the design has to be more luxurious
    • Thanks for the feedback. I hope #133 feels better.

  • I like your designs the best out of all of them in terms of colors and scripts but the other members of our company are concerned about reducing the logo to a smaller size, and the home is not quite what we build. We are building very large homes that are much more square. My partners are looking for a more simple logo that is modern, and all words in our name need to be the same size
    • Thank you for the feedback and ratings on my work. for me to participate in your contest is a pride, moreover you like my work. that any important decision is the best for you and get a logo design that suits you. possible that a change in the form of a square would I do if the contest is still open. sorry my bad english Regards Keyla Dwimaharani

  • The layout is great, I like the script better on some of the other ones, other than that same feedback as on the other designs