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The designers all worked very hard and came up with a lot of great ideas. It was very hard to pick the logo with just the right look for us. I would definitely use again.

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Winning design #149 by eximius123, Logo Design for Marco Custom Builders, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by eximius123

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  • Sorry but we are looking for a much more modern look and dislike gold
  • That's much more red than what we are looking for, and "heavier" as well, we are looking for something more modern
  • Like the design and colors, as well as the script. I think the house idea is great, and it is accessible, but perhaps a touch more playful than what we are looking for. Perhaps straighter lines for the house design? Color combo is right on
    • Thank you for your feedback. Kindly see the revised house design with straighter lines. Regards, s.thomas.

  • This is what we are trying to avoid, highlighting the first letters of our name
  • Could you change the font in this design to be a bolder more solid font? Thank you
    • Done! :) Do you want to see more changes in this design or in my other design (font, colors, the house)? Thanks for advance.

  • Could we see this design with only the house and the font, no background or water? Thank you!
  • This looks much more like what we are looking for
  • We like the design of the house, but felt that the design was missing some detail? The feel is definitely what we are looking for in terms of fonts and colors
    • Hi! Thank you so much for the comment...maybe...would you like to see this design with more details? Kind Regards,

    • |--|

      Rocky30 {*wrote*}:
      Hi! Thank you so much for the comment...maybe...would you like to see this design with more details? Kind Regards,
      |--| Yes please

    • Can you revise the new design? I hope your feedback. Thank you so much.

  • SGh
    Hi,Contest Holder,may I use some green in my design?Thanks.
    • Sure, a little green is fine as long as it isn't a major color

    • SGh


      mikeroller1 {*wrote*}:
      Sure, a little green is fine as long as it isn't a major color
      |--| Hi,CH,I've submitted entries #17,#18,& #19...please feel free to give feedback or suggestions so that I can modify them accordingly.Thanks.

  • Could I see this design without the skyscrapers and with the palm leaves you used on the first one? Thank you!
  • Is there a way you can replace the mountains in the background? We don't have any anywhere nearby.
    • Thanks for the feedback and rank on my work. I resubmit the logo changes, please review and check out the logo. let me know if there are changes and flaws in my work. Hopefully get a logo that suits you. Sorry my bad English Regards, Keyla

  • This logo is great, perfect use of font and colors!
  • Could you make the Marco custom builder all the same size font? I like the idea a lot. Thanks
    • Of course, I'm working on it .

  • DuK
    Hello CH! Can I hear some feedback #46 ? Want to know what style you like!
  • hay i have new design #40 please check and feedback thank reagards
  • We like this idea of the design VERY much! Do you have any other ideas for the symbol? We like the way it lays out. Thanks!!!
    • thank you for the feedback, but can you give me a rating on the design that I know?

  • Hi! My design is 39, I added a little green lawn. Say it possible?
  • We build much larger custom homes, and are looking for a very modern design. Overall idea is good, but the design has to be more luxurious
    • Thanks for the feedback. I hope #133 feels better.

  • I like your designs the best out of all of them in terms of colors and scripts but the other members of our company are concerned about reducing the logo to a smaller size, and the home is not quite what we build. We are building very large homes that are much more square. My partners are looking for a more simple logo that is modern, and all words in our name need to be the same size
    • Thank you for the feedback and ratings on my work. for me to participate in your contest is a pride, moreover you like my work. that any important decision is the best for you and get a logo design that suits you. possible that a change in the form of a square would I do if the contest is still open. sorry my bad english Regards Keyla Dwimaharani

  • The layout is great, I like the script better on some of the other ones, other than that same feedback as on the other designs