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Winning design #81 by khoirul, Logo Design for Marco Polo Wash n Dry Contest
Gold Medal

designed by khoirul

Project description

Wash and Dry laundry mat.

Open to design and colors 

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  • How do I pick you as the winner? #81
    • @mav4406 Please ask the staff for help, to choose the winner I'm ready to send the file and work with you thank you regards.

  • After the contest expires you have up to 30 days to pick winners.

    Hi there

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  • Dear mav4406, please kindly check my designs #294 #289 #288 #217 #216 #215 #214 , your feedback is highly appreciated, Thank you very much :)
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    Hi CH, Thank's for the appreciation of my design, hope you are happy with this revision. Regards #278
  • Marcopolo Wash n Dry
  • Hi. Can you change the wash n dry to say Laundry in green letters. #258
  • Hi. Can you change the wash n dry to say Laundry in green letters. #258
  • Please check my design, I hope you like this #275
  • please check ... I hope you like #274
  • About #157, @nuning_azizulchanif OK..
  • Dear, @mav4406
    My first design fo You #269
    If you need any changes please let me know
    colours are optional

  • Looking forward for your feedback,
    Thank you in advance. #260