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Winning design #351 by SaintAntonio21, Logo Design for Marina de Papeete Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SaintAntonio21

Project description

Brieffing in english :

The new marina of Papeete will welcome its first boats by the end of April 2015. It is located in the port of Papeete, in the heart of downtown Papeete, capital of Tahiti (French Polynesia). It faces the pass of Papeete, the main entry point of the ships in the harbor of Papeete.

The Marina of Papeete wants to find its logo that will enable it to be identified in the particular field of pleasure boating and luxury yachting.

The " Marina de Papeete " logo will be associated with a graphic. It will be unique, and not subject to confusion with other logos. It must be functional and can be used in different contexts while retaining its integrity (does not deform when printed on various media and objects). The color code will be simplified and will approach those so particular and generally popular with visitors in French Polynesia.

Brief en français :

La nouvelle marina de Papeete accueillera ses premiers bateaux fin avril 2015. Elle est située dans le port de Papeete, en plein cœur du centre ville de Papeete, capitale de l’île de Tahiti (Polynésie française). Elle fait face à la passe de Papeete, point d'entrée principal des navires dans la rade de Papeete.

La marina de Papeete souhaite trouver son logo qui lui permettra de s'identifier dans le domaine particulier de la plaisance et du yachting de luxe.

Le logo « Marina de Papeete » sera associé à un graphisme. Il sera unique, et non sujet à confusion avec d'autres logos. Il devra être fonctionnel et pouvoir être utilisé dans différents contextes tout en conservant son intégrité (ne pas se déformer quand il est imprimé sur divers supports et objets). Le code couleur sera simplifié et se rapprochera de ceux si particuliers et communément prisés par les visiteurs en Polynésie française.

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  • Hello,

    The main manager has retained your proposal #351 of the logo of the Papeete's Marina, but he asked to make some modifications on it before the price be given.
    Would it be possible to change de cast and size of the typography in order to have the words "Marina" less larger then "Papeete"?
    For exemple : Marina de Papeete

    In fact, the word “Papeete” would be much larger then “Marina de”
    Would it be also possible to refine the cast accordingly?

    Thank you for you quick reply

    Please return you proposal on my professional email

    Raymond BOUISSOU
    Subdivision commerciale
    Port Autonome de Papeete
    Tél. 40474867
    • About #351, @portdepapeete
      Hi, I can absolutely make the changes you have asked for. The easiest way to do this is after you have chosen winner, all revisions can be submitted along with changes and any thing else you need. If you want to see the changes before you declare winner, I'll be more than happy to make revisions and send them via your email that you provided. Thanks much I will wait for your reply

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