mariusgartner interimmanager, consultant and coach

I am very happy about the final logo design, I had over 50 different alternatives within one week. Fast - great choice - good communication Thank you very much Dr. Marius Gartner Marius Gartner Interim-Manager, Consultant and Coach Heidelberg Germany

$275 paid

67 custom designs

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Winning design #55 by MIOJE, Logo Design for mariusgartner interimmanager, consultant and coach Contest
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designed by MIOJE

Project description

interim manager, project leader, consultant and face to face or team coach. specialized for production companies, like consumer goods, automotive, electronic, etc. I make your production effective - no need for move to East Europe or China Interim: as Managing Director, Head of Engineering, R&D or Production (department) Project leader: e.g. implementation of innovation management, Kaizen, your own production system Consultant: organizational change - find the right internal people for the job Coach: team coaching, personal coaching of CEO, directors and department leaders About me: Dr. Engineer, Professor, long management experience in production companies, 49 years old, 3 children one dog, I like dancing, sport and my oldtimer a 1951 Chevy

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  • Hi Marius, is there any specific colours you want included in the logo? This design can easily be redone for a different colour scheme.
    • Dear take 11, blue and silver would be good, also different blues, The G from MG I do not like, and please intergrate the Coaching

  • more dynamic would be good
  • Same her, the color is a no go
  • This color does not work at all
  • Play a little with the logo itself, see my example logo I just posted the bridge. That I am a production specialost would be also good to integrate
  • Writing and word look good, please change logo, may be a bridge looks good, see sample design I just posted
  • Dear faisalzid, can you try to do a better connection between the symbol and the name please
  • the wave is not good, leave out the production specialist, and do an additional one in black and white
    • I have submitted a number of options in regard to my final product, number 55. It has no wave and no production specialist incorporated. Hopefully this is what you were wanting.

  • Dear CH, I've submitted couple of bridge-entries, I hope you will like them. Any of your feedback would be appreciated, I'll try to react immediately. I've also combined the economic growth graph with a bridge icon to depict constant growth and wealth. (entry #51)
  • Greetings Dr. Gartner! My entry is #46 - the contest will close before I have the opportunity to see your feedback, but if you like the design, I would love to work with you to make it perfect.
  • the wave is not good, leave out the production specialist, and do an additional one in black and white
  • no leave the dark color of #14 in front, the light blue in the back only in the other blue, keep also the letters as in #14 the black/white then the front darker than the back of the symbol
  • please leave out the production specialist, 3 is enough
  • Dear take11, I like it, can you do black white grey one of this please
  • Dear Pavian, looks good, can you change the light blue to grey-turquise. The logo in black-white one should be more in grey steps