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Event created for big brand marketers. The conference topics surround how marketing and technology are more intertwined than ever. Most of software vendors that are sponsoring have products that cost $50K to $200K - Martech is a term that means marketing and technology. Something visually that differentiates mar and tech would be great. Any visual could show how two different worlds are working together. Marketing being on the more creative side. Left brain / right brain thing. Marketers have to rely on technology (software) daily now and that's the point of the event. It's a new event in the industry (so an impactful cutting edge design) but it will be packed with huge brands like Target, Dell, Apple, Subway, so the design should fit in with those designs. The name of the event, or used in the logo can just be martech solutions or martech innovation summit. We own both urls so we are waiting to see the identities created first. a single bold or modern color is ideal with maybe greys. Black not preferred. Also for reference visit

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  • sorry, not really close to working for me
  • thank you, glad to see some one take a stab at a left icon. not sure what the images represent though. would need something either more obvious or just in relation that 2 entities are coming together
  • Thank you, it needs to say summit or innovation summit on the design. Also, the design pops well but it looks very similar to other major brands.
  • also I'd like to see it on dark grey or blue as a knockout.
    • Dear CH, thank you for your feedback and your rating. I am glad that you like my design. I will work on this concept! best regards

  • Really like the double meaning of the chart arrow... for success... and for summit. not sure if the m should be capital even though legally it would be
  • Thank you. On the red I think the tech would go to light grey. On the dark grey, I don't think there's a good way to bring in red... probably light blue on mar, very light grey on tech, and white for innovation summit. Really strong design, thanks again and I appreciate your work/efforts.
  • Great. I may ask for a lighter/vibrant red but great. And still would like to see knock out on red background.. and grey background.
  • I like this much better. I'm not sure how the marketing icon ties in. It's a target? So targeted marketing? I don't think the blue and the red should be used together. It's blue, grey, white or red grey white, or some other color grey and white
  • can I see a version with innovation summit larger, or another treatment? When people see the brand they need to able to immediately know its a summit/event.
  • my favorite version so far, subtle, clean, equal. Still has the white reflective line through the logo that I'm not a fan of but very strong. For the reverse colors, I'd use it on a dark grey or Red so I'd like to see your take on this version on red or dark grey knockout.
  • thank you, the font is nice, not a fan of the icon. the name of the event needs to be prominent so not sure if an icon would be incorporated. It would need to be strong and symbolize the connection between marketing (creative) and technology
  • again I would go more marketing font then tech font, color is ok but dark blue is everywhere. Not sure if you saw my original comments on the first design but the reflection in the font is not working for me. Thank you
  • would like to go more marketing, less tech with the font
  • possibly like to see a font change to tech.... maybe just remove the bold?
  • Thank you, a little too simplistic for me. Also, not a big fan of black though in this design it works better. I like the idea of a mark, but the design must say martech summit or martech innovation summit. Also, please look at the color pallete to get a sense of the bold (red) or fresh (light blue). Open to yellows or greens as well but not sure how it'd work.
  • Thank you, a little too simplistic for me. I like the idea of a mark, but the design must say martech summit or martech innovation summit. Also, please look at the color pallete to get a sense of the bold (red) or fresh (light blue). Open to yellows or greens as well but not sure how it'd work.
  • I really like the concept here. It is about getting results, and growth using technology. Very inventive treatments on the m an h. Love how the M looks like a mix of lower and upper case. Not 100% on the reflections treatment but I really like the direction its going.
  • Certainly like the cleanliness overall. The treatment on MAR is inventive. It struck me immediately. Wish there was something subtle that could be done to the tech side but I can't imagine what it would be.
  • Thank you, as noted in the contest, not a big fan of black. Ideally looks more innovative but it looks better on red with white letters
  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my design #3 - I hope you will like it. Best regards,