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Winning design #200 by thereeds92, Logo Design for Martial arts academy logo Contest
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designed by thereeds92

Project description

Please see our original logo on our website at for it's retro feel. We would like to use the WWII U.S. Air force airplane ID logo with the single star in a circle and the striped coming out both sides horizontally. The stripes coming out to the right will flip over and come down at about a 45 degree angle to the left to reveal that the flip side of the stripes is actually a BJJ black belt with a red bar and 5 stripes (degrees). Above and below the circled star will be "Hollywood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" written in Motter Femina font just like our OG logo.

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  • The AF logo should be exactly like it is in the military. The only additions are the wording, and the belt. So, the circle with the star should not be oval. The belt is correct in # 10 with a red bar and white stripes. Maybe the belt can also start to curve straight down from it's initial 45 degree angle? Academy name legibility is also very important for marketing.
  • #14 ,15 and 17 just to get an idea of this is what you want.. i am not a martial arts help me out is this the belt ? also all the other details..text..colors..whatever can be adjust just as you want just let me know greetings designKB
  • Aloha, Here are a few options from your concept. I was not sure if you wanted it on the circle of the AF logo or your oval but I made both. Also the part where you want the fold of the belt.. didnt know weather it should be coming directly out of the oval or the way I have it is good? Is the shading fine or would you prefer to have it flat color? Looking forward to your critiques and open for any revisions. Mahalo
  • Aloha Ch, Awesome I am glad that its close to what your visioning. I have made a few revisions according to your request. H, B, and 2 J's have been altered by height and width Enlarged for more visibility the BJJ part and Hollywood. Enrty #'s are #80 and #81 I would say #84 would be for the best visibility. Highlighted and shaded version of above #85 and #86 Both are colored versions with highlights and shading added. Will submit a flat color version also. Open for some critique' Mahalo, dskwkrs
  • CH, Thanks for your heklpful feedback. I am pleased you like the design I created. You will find a few more entries of mine with the changes you requested. I added a few others that show a small "b" along with the small "j"'s. Will await additional feedback for any changes you may like to see. :) Dina
  • Dear RacerXSPF, I just uploaded my new design #72 I adjusted the belt and also the text. I edited the "H" "B" and the two "J" to make them more legible. The blue and red colors are the same colors as on your website. Onno
  • I'll be away from computer the rest of the day. I'll check back in tomorrow AM. Thanks, y'all.!!
  • Can I see this one with just the "J"s in lower case? Looks great.
  • Can we try this with the lower case "H" "B" and "J". You can see how we modified the "J" on my website at so it's more legible. This looks great though.
  • CH, Good morning! I have submitted entries #67 and #68. The only difference between the two is in #68 I created a more legible "B", making it completely recognizeable. Will await any additional feedback you may have. :) Dina
  • And maybe a lower case "B" as well.
  • The AF logo is representative of HBJJ being and American academy that specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and also because it is a combative art.
  • This is almost perfect. I'd like to experiment with the wording to make it more legible. If you see from our OG logo at, we've adjusted the "J" and used the lower case "H" for better legibility. Whatever we can to to maximize recognizability. I'm also open to any and all ideas, but this is a pretty close example.
  • About #28 #29 #30 #32 #34 #35 #54 and #55 Curious if I am close to what your looking for? #54 is my version and #55 is an exact copy. Open for some feed back Thanks
  • Dear CH, please chek my new design #33 regards...
  • Master, how about my last entry #49 Do You think this is better? Thank You.
  • Very nice, but difficult to read the wording.
  • Please see the example file for our previous AF logo. I'd like the image to be pretty close to this, but with the Motter Femina font for "Hollywood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" on top & bottom of circle and VERY legible.
  • Master, please give me some feedback for my entry #46 Thank You.
  • Hello RacerXSPF, I just submitted my design #36 and #37. Design #37 only has some improvements in text spacing and i added a black line around the "45 degree belt" I'm looking forward to your feedback. Onno