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While the website interface is not perfect, the community of designers is active and passionate. Was very happy with the end results.

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Winning design #325 by keyla, Logo Design for Martial Arts on Rails Contest
Gold Medal

designed by keyla

Project description

Martial Arts on Rails is an online software service for managing gyms and martial arts schools. We are looking to add a logo that conveys our current branding to the website and our marketing materials.

It's not necessary to use the full business name in the logo, but the logo should have a graphic which can stand alone and is roughly square in proportions, and should work when side by side with the full business name.

The origins of the name is to convey that we provide a set of rails / framework for managing gym operations using our service. The inspiration for name came from the popular web framework "Ruby-on-Rails", but we don't actually use Ruby-on-Rails so please avoid any references to it in the logo.

Please go over the site to see how our current branding and overall visual language looks like. You can use any element from the site in the logo, if you find it useful.

EDIT: Seems like a few of the initial designs use the generic stick figure symbol for sports (used in the olympics and elsewhere), we'd prefer not to have it in the logo, as this service is a management platform for gym manager and owners, rather than a service for the athletes themselves. It is not a good fit for the athlete stick figure in our opinion.

Some logo styles we like and fit our requirements:

Square -
Dribbble -
Ubuntu -
Chrome -
Wikimedia -
Playstation -
Firebird -
LG -
Git -

EDIT #2: As the contest is winding down, we have a few designs that we like, but most of those are very similar visually. To see the designs that are in the running, filter the ranking to be anything above 0. We liked designs that had an "app" or software like element to it, while combining our initials and / or a simple martial art element, such as a ranked belt. If you still want to submit, some things to avoid - no silhouettes or stick figures (we're not a product for the athletes themselves), no overly aggressive symbols (such as fists), no overly detailed shapes (see our favorite logo styles), no unusual typefaces (like orient-style fonts, or fonts that look completely different than what we have on the site).

Would be nice to see some designs that look different than what we already have.

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  • About #325, @keyla This is a really smart concept. It has the "M" from the name, the diagonal cross line completes the "A", while looking like a set of rails.

    While I like the simplicty of it, it's missing one more visual detail to make it stand out. Perhaps using another color (also, please use our color scheme from the site). Another option that seemed to work well on other design, was adding an outer border with a red tab, signifying the martial arts aspect of it (looking like a martial arts belt).
  • check it #318
  • looking your site. #311
  • one more option. #309
  • About #305, @MDbiswas Nice variation!
  • This my revisions design , do you like it ? #305
  • About #304, @MDbiswas Looks really good, thanks!
  • If you want to see any change just let me know. #304
  • About #294, @MDbiswas It looks good! I think it would fit our visual language better if it were flat (without the glare). The greyscale version looks really good. Can you also make the red bar in the outer circle have perpendicular lines instead of diagonals?

    Looking back at your other submissions, I would also like to see a variation of #228 using the same colors as this one, and with the outer circle with the red bar.
    • @contact8 Ok, i will make change for you... Thanks for your feedback sir...

  • Please check and feedback. thanks #296
  • I hope you like it. thanks, #294
  • Please have a look at Entries #284, #285, #286, #287.
  • About #270, @MalirStar This is an interesting concept. It looks a bit similar to the WordPress logo. Could you change the colors to match the palette on our site, as we asked in the brief? and try to add another visual indication connecting it to martial arts. How about making the outer circle a belt, by putting a bar on it, like #265?
  • good luck and god bless #266
  • good luck and god bless #265
  • good luck and god bless #264
  • if any revision i will fix as soon as possible #262
  • Hello! sir Kindly check my entry's Thanks. #257
  • Hello! Kindly check my entry's Thanks. #256
  • Martial Arts on Rails #254