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Winning design #172 by mmyousuf, Logo Design for Masterpiece Cookies Contest
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designed by mmyousuf

Project description

Masterpiece Cookies is a large scale cookie manufacturer with a 30,000 square foot facility.  We now have new ownership looking for a new brand identity, starting with the logo.  We currently manufacture baked cookies, frozen cookie dough pucks, and cookie dough tubs. Thanks for your help! 

We'd prefer to not have a cookie in the logo, and use "MPC" short for Masterpiece Cookies as the main part of the logo.  Masterpiece Cookies should be in smaller print somewhere in the logo as well. 


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  • Is there a website you went to make this? once we finalize the logo, I'd like to order one for the office!
  • About #169, @mmyousuf One small adjustment and we're ready to pick this one! can you enlarge the MPC inside the circle?
  • About #169, @mmyousuf ok :) good luck
  • Thanks for the quick turn around! I'll review with my partners in the morning and get back to you. #169
  • This logo looks great. We're real close to selecting this. I reviewed with my partner and there is just a couple variations we'd like to see:

    Can you try one logo iwth nothing on the top (remove cookie manufacturer). Another version with Masterpiece Cookies in that top slot, and remove Masterpiece Cookies from the middle.

    Thanks! #159
    • About #159, @michael10 Thank you very much for like my work as your feedback i will send you couple of moments ....

  • Looks Great!

    Can you combine the text from #3 to the logo on #4?

    Around the outside can change the text to read on toop
    "Gourmet Cookie Manufacturer"

    and on the bottom read
    "Baked. Pucks. Tubs"

    Thanks! #154
  • About #154, @mmyousuf
    I am giving you 4 different options and please feedback about what font and logo you like (number must mansion pleas.
  • Looks great, thanks for the entry!

    Can I see it with a different logo instead of the fork and spoon and with a couple different fonts on the MPC

    Thanks! #146
  • A different color scheme for your consideration. Thanks! #128
  • is it possible to clean up the edges? #44
    • About #44, michael10
      No problem. We'll get this done ASAP.
      Many thanks!

    • @michael10 hi ch kindly check my all design and feedback me this is the entry #117 #116 #115 #114

  • Hello contest holder.

    Kindly check and provide me your feedback , so that i can understand what is your choice and able to present u a perfect design of your choice..
  • update for #66 #95
  • update for #66 #94
  • update for #66 #93
  • Thanks for the submissions! Is it possible to change the font on the M and take away the circle surrounding it? THanks!! #66
    • About #66, @michael10 OK, submitting a few more entries on this design. Let me know if you would like to see something else.

  • Please let me know if this 'smoothed' version is what you were looking for. Many thanks! #77
  • Hello, thanks for the feedback! I have uploaded a new submission without the stars or banners. Please let me know if you would like to see any other changes. Best, Quelita #76
  • Please rate as you like. Thanks. #71 #72 #73 #74 #75
  • What do you think? I hope you like it! #70
  • a little too "upscale" looking for our brand, but great design