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Winning design #104 by sach, Logo Design for MathKit Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sach

Project description

MathKit: Cuddle up together with math.

I am creating a product that I am targeting at families (initially at moms with daughters ages 6-9). Parent and child will play a set of board and card games together for math mastery and leave flash cards in the dust.  

Don't want it to be "girly," per se, but cute is good. 

I'd like there to be a picture part of the design that I can use by itself without the words, like the little kiwi bird on the Kiwi Crate logo. It doesn't have to be an animal, but I was toying with a fox "kit."

The picture part of the design should look playful and maybe a bit silly. I want it to especially appeal to kids, since I will use it on some of the game items. I like the outlined animal look shown in Kiwi Crate a lot, too.  Even better if the picture can make any connection to math/thinking/playing card or board games, etc. But, if that isn't easy to include in a cute way, it is optional.

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  • About #71, @sach I really like this one. Could you show me a font without a curly t and explore some colors other than green? I like the gray.
    • Hello CH, please check my new entry #81 , #82 Thanking You, SACH

    • @sach 89 and 81 are my leading contenders right now. If I were to go with that design, do I have to make the color choice? Or could I get files with it in a couple of colors to have some flexibility as I design my other materials? Am trying to choose the color and having a bit of trouble.

  • I really like this, but the long image might be a problem to put on some of my stuff. Any way to make the image more square instead of long rectangular. #86
  • Hi there, I have created #78 for your consideration. It plays on the fox concept as mentioned in the brief. While the symbol can be used on its own, the text is playful and also holds the power to be used on its own. Both can be used individually from marketing stand point (like social media, etc). I look forward to your feedback. Regards EcoDesigns
  • :) #77
  • Hi CH! I've designed this logo #65 and i really do hope you like it. If you want any changes i would gladly do them.. Feedback is appreciated!
    //Victor #65
  • Hi Leslie, Thanks for the ratings! If you have any feedback or suggestion that could put me closer to your vision, and possibly in the running. I was be ever so grateful. Again, Thanks :)
  • Hi CH, Please eliminate my entry #59. It lacks the tail which is added back to #60. Your feedback will be helpful for improvement. Thank you.
  • Hi Leslie, please find my entry. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK #51
  • I'm starting to really like this squirrel one. Can we play around with some variations? Squirrel looking at me? squirrel bouncing dice? maybe color options? Possibly some way to show the squirrel is playing, or thinking, or has an idea (like a light bulb)? #37
    • @leslie2 dear CH, thanks for feedback. I will do some variation of this.

    • @leslie2 dear CH, thanks for feedback. I will do some variation of this.

  • What can I do to make my design move from fourth to first?
  • Dear CH, Thank you for your rate on #41 Please let me know what you like and dislike.
    • @zanne5 I like the design a lot. I was planning on having the animal separate because I don't want "mathkit" printed on the kid's stuff. Having the cat as part of the word is something I would consider, but I was planning on a "stand alone" animal.

  • Dear CH, please check this option. #44
  • I like this. Can you play with the face to make that part cuter? #42
  • I really like this, but the character looks so much like the one on kiwi crate - a little too close. Can we do a different character, but similar style? I really like your style but I'm not interested in a bird figure. #28
    • About #28, @leslie2 Ok.

    • I have submited a new caracter #37 , please let me know what kind of animal or caracter you refer
      I wil do a nother whit a cute fox soon.
      Best Reards, Anna

  • Dear CH, Thank you for your rate on #12 & #13, this is my new concept #17 hope you like it :) Kind regards
    • @idanism I like a lot of what you are doing with the overall style and fun character. Think since the product is for younger kids, the graduation cap is a bit out of place. I think kids might connect more with the figure if it is a recognizable animal.

    • @leslie2 thank you very much, this is the new entry without the graduation cap #30, please check, hope you like it :)

    • @idanism I think I liked the earlier fonts better. I am leaning more toward an animal like a fox kit, possibly an owl, or a kitten. I really like your style but I'm not interested in a bird figure.

    • @leslie2 Hello, thank you Leslie2, this is my new concept with fox kit, hope you like it :), #38, #39, #40, regards

  • Does it look more like a penguin now when I add arms (wings) to it? #35
  • Do you like my approach on #34? Animal is more adorable then last design.
    • @golinskic I like the cuteness. Is it supposed to be an owl?

    • @leslie2 actually it is suppose to be a penguin.

  • I still really like this, but the owl is cuter. Any way to "cute" up the fox? I added a couple of cute fox pictures that seem playful to me to the brief. Also, I think I like the full body, rather than just the head. #25
  • this is really cute, but I'm not sure about the owl. Can we do very similar but a fox? #16
    • @leslie2 Thank you for the feedback. Perhaps #25 will be more to your liking.

  • I like the style better in #12, 17. #19.