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thank you, i love my new logo

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Winning design #59 by Vennie0205, Logo Design for Matilda et Malia Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vennie0205

Project description

We are soon opening an online clothing store for baby girls and little girls up to 8 years old. We are starting with Mexico but eventually could go for international sales.

The clothing will be 100% made in Mexico and will target the medium class to richer parents that wish to dress their baby girl or little girl with elegant, chic and stylish clothing,

The prices will range a little lower then internationally renown designer but will be higher then the average clothing stores.

No neon colors. We wish our logo to be graceful and charming, just like the clothing we are designing. 

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  • ch ples commnt mam :) #99
  • Something new from me, hope you will like it. #97
  • About #53, @STAVROULAKYV #93... please check it... thank you
  • Option with a more pastel colors #92
  • different color option #74
    • @operhal: i would love yo see this logo with different colors just to see the difference. The logo is lovely thank you

  • nice logo thank you! i would like to see the girls with a different patterns then big hearts. Would also like to see a different typo in the name.
    Looking forward in seeing more thank you
  • Hope to see the new logo with the comments i sent yesterday, we really liked it and excited to see the changes
  • thank you for your logo.
    Can you ad a little girl so that it becomes 2 little girls. thank you
  • Hi, thank you for these new logos. I di like the little girls but not the colors...can you put more soft colors please ? thanks!
  • thank you for this second typo logo.
    I would like to see a 3rd option with the typo a bit more "hand written" look for the name just to see the difference. But your logo is lovely.
    thank you
  • All the new logos you've submitted are lovely, thank you for adding a second girl.
  • gracias por el logo!
    i do like the colors but the little girls need to be more like a drawing black and white perhaps. The dresses the way they are now looks like they are in a pijama...or going to the beach...the look of the 2 little girls needs to be a bit more elegant and as i said, try B&W as the name of the logo is already in colors (which i like).
    gracias! looking forward in seeing more of you!
  • thank you for your logo. We are hoping to include 2 little girls in the logo, like a simple classy elegant drawing of 2 little girls either holding hands or telling secrets to each other...
    looking forward to see more. I do like the colors.
  • thank you for your logo. Not sure i am clicking with the little girl...i think she is not "classy" enough. Perhaps just a drawing of 2 little girls but not with the full skin color. Just to leave some mystery to it. thanks
  • Thanks very much for the invite. Please see the concept that I have come up with and please let me know if you would like to see any changes. Best, Quelita. #78
  • another option #71
  • can you send another version with a different tipo just to see the difference? thanks!
    • Hi CH, Thanks for feedback. I am sorry I don't know what it means "tipo" here. If you meant typography, then please check #69 for the variations. I'd love to make other variations based on your comment. Thanks.

  • About #58, @STAVROULAKYV better??? #68
  • i don't like this font it's too hard to read
  • i like the name but the drawings on top are too complicated. I would love to see the drawing of 2 little girls. thanks!