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Winning design #16 by moochy, Logo Design for Max Money Pawn Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moochy

Project description

I am looking for a new logo for a pawn shop. The logo can incorporate the $ symbol and/or the traditional pawnbroker symbol (hanging circles). The logo will have a newer cutting edge feel to it. It will convey the message of a pawn shop being fair, honest, and giving you the max money pawned items.

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  • Thanks for reviews...will do next development... :) btw, color reference Bright Yellow and Bright Green is from your briefs.. :p all black is the view for monochrome use...not for main logo.. anyway..Thanks!
  • The font is hard to read, looks a little bright for the design that I want. I would like something more "sleek".
  • I like the font; not the design I'm looking for at this time.
  • I like the font; not the design I'm looking for at this time.
  • I like the font; not the design I'm looking for at this time.
  • I like the use of the dollar and pawn signs. The all black look doesn't stand out as much, perhas a little more color would bring this out better.
  • nice design, great way of incorporating the pawn symbol. Something looks a little off, maybe a different font? Great use of colors.
  • I like the design, very sleek and provides that element I'm seeking.
  • About #62 Version number 4 Bill face with broker sign Thanks
  • About #60 Version number 3 3d max Can change pawn coin symbol to how the rest of them are but just thought I throw in something different and not follow Thanks
  • Maybe a bolded "money" would stand out more? I wonder what a shadowed "money" would look like?
  • Liked the incorporation of the $ sign, perhaps a space between "pawn" and "shop" would make a difference in appearance? I'd like to see the same design but with capital M's?
  • Looks great, maybe the shawdow to the right of the pawn symbol would make it look better?
  • The letters might be hard to read in all yellow, perhaps outlined in black would give it that pop?
  • Has the new and slick look, however the $ symbol is a bit much within the logo.
  • Number 21 is wrong. I'm sorry, can you remove it? #21
  • Hi, CH. I put all your elements. Take a look, maybe you like this proposal.
  • Great use of the pawn symbol. Color scheme looks good but makes the dollar symbol hard to decipher in the background.
  • I want to tweek the word "Pawn" to be bigger. Maybe remove the shadow to see how that would look.
  • ok i'll just check again later your comments. thanks