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Winning design #147 by vincent4rts, Logo Design for Maxillofacial Surgery Contest
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designed by vincent4rts

Project description

Plastic and Maxillofacial surgery private practice.  We already have a logo, which was made 20 years ago and we want to upgrade to something more clean and modern. Possibly, a sketch of a face or nice custom made font/letter form. Mentioned the colors but we don’t mind it to be monochrome. 

We call us MFSS. But would like people to see that is maxillofacial and plastic surgery. We can also play adding Dr.Anastassov to the text.

I attached the photos of the logos we like

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  • About #21, @vincent4rts you misspelled MFSS
    • @Mfss sorry sir I have entered the contest that you are holding and I have refined my logo image. but I ran out of time in sending it, so I could not send the image of the logo that I had refilled.

  • About #58, @arumpandanluhur1975 like it without the face
  • This is my entry for the contest, hope you like it, revision is unlimited and welcome if you choose me. also i was mistaken mfss on the brief instead of mffs, and surgey is typed on logo instead of surgery because it was last minute upload the time was running out lol, i was afraid i couldnt make it so i didnt double checked, but dont worry its revised now, i cant upload the revised one it because the time is up. i hope you consider it.

    Thanks. #282
  • Feedback please sir. :) #269
  • This is my concept #239 and #256 . Any feedback will be apreciated
  • hope you like it. #252
  • HOPE YOU LIKE IT. #250
  • Hope you like it. #238
  • Check this logo #215
  • please see also number #190 and thaanks
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  • Hi, please check my concept logo design #175

  • Hi, please check my concept logo design #175

  • face icon inside M letter #154
  • Good day heres my logo proposal for your project. Hope it will suit what you are looking and if you want to change something dont hesitate to ask me. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. #153
  • @Mfss
    Hello !
    Sincerely - Cezar - @ArtAct
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  • Maxillofacial Surgery. #110