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Winning design #10 by Acorsys, Logo Design for MCA - Sales Sheet Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Acorsys

Project description

We have a sales sheet that is printed and mailed to many of our customers. We would like this to be remade to have a higher quality and feel...We see this as our "product Packaging" for our app ad sales. The goal is to get someone to pay the $10.

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  • Thanks! Just did :D
  • You may want to attach a copy of the current sheet so designers can see what it is they have to design. Thanks.
  • I've uploaded the file. I've uploaded only the .jpeg format, because the project was very big in size, but if you need, I will send you the project in other format by mail. Thank you very much.
  • In a couple of minutes I will upload the project. My email is in case you need any help with the project. If you need in the future an animated presentation for this project I can do it for you, I'm a motion graphics designer. Thank you very much for choosing my design.
  • Acorsys - look at woud love to see what you can do on that project
  • Greetings CH! My entry is #11 If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the design, feel free to let me know. Thanks!
  • Please check design #10 and tell me if you need something else.
  • The $ sign on teh 10$ belongs infront of teh 10...Like this : $10 Same with $395 Can you try adding a small red gift bow before the long text, and add the text in bold "Our gift to you" ? If you can do that I will award wining today! Thank you! this is amazing!
  • Dear skylerdsutton, please check my other 2 designs. I hope you will like them. I forgot to change the color for the delimitation bars in the phone picture (the red ones).
  • Love this!
  • Good design, but I do like #7 more as im not a fan of teh red writing on the black background...Wounder if a good green color could work in nicely?
  • Love the phone 3d look! Colors, and quality look great, and good layers! This is better than i could have imagined, just not sure if somehow it can get better ?! Maybe adding a little red biw before the main text with someting like "Our gift to you"
  • Dear Contest Holder, please tell me your opinion about my designs (#6 and #7) so I can continue to work on them. Thank you.