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designed by JCreation

Project description

I have started a custom furniture business using locally sourced materials in Colorado. My company needs a logo redesign. My furniture mainly have a rustic/industrial look  would be something you find in a mountain home. I want a logo that i can send to a custom branding maker to brand all of my pieces. I do all the woodworking and welding on all my pieces. 

The attached pictures are my current logos. Its a picture off of google with a signature within the picture. I currently like what i have but want some more original and something that is fun and will stand out beyond others. I also would like the logo to speak for itself...i want the customer to have an idea of what i do based on the look of the logo. 

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  • @junifer I also think it would be really cool if there was a variation that made the lined border around the MCBRIDE to depict a slab of wood with the natural edge.....Please reference the URL for an example of the live edge
    • About #75, @mmcbride Hi Ch, thank you to your feedback. and also kindly check #77 entry which i change the design color variation. Sure i will make new revise whit the "MCBRIDE" are also in wood looking. :) thanks

      kind regards,

    • About #77, @mmcbride Hi Ch, actually i love it too, to make a wooden effect of your company name. :) i will revise it rightaway.

    • About #78, @mmcbride hi Ch, i already upload now the revise design as you requested. :) hope you like it. your feedback is greatly appreciated. thank you

      kind regards,

    • About #76, @mmcbride Hi Ch, kindly check #84, #85 designs as you requested. hope you like it. :) please let me know your feedback. thank you

      kind regards,

  • I really like this design. I ultimately want to make the logo into a branding iron but feel the shading within the circle (log) may be difficult for them to do. Could you make the log have rings like an actual log has? That would be cool. Thanks! #70
    • About #70, @mmcbride Hi Ch, thank you so much to your feedback. Sure i will make an variation for the design. :)

      kind regards,

    • @junifer Thank you!!! I was also wondering if you could to a variation of the soon to be edited #70 and add the words furniture, woodworking, and welding under the customs. If this is to many letters to fit...would you have any suggestions as to how we can make it so the logo is very clear as to what I offer? I want there to be clarity within my logo. I think if we add the tree rings as a mentioned and somehow add the notion that i do furniture, woodworking and welding. Hope this is doable! Thanks!

  • Reference this picture as an example. #70 @junifer
  • @mmcbride Thank you for your rating. I have added some rings to make the C look more like a saw. It also makes it visually similar to a wooden log. Do you prefer the change? I also adjusted the mountain so that it stands more upright; now it lines up better with the C and forms a better "M". I would love to hear feedback as to how you would like to see the logo improved. #64
    • @gabrielledawnn I really like it. I didn't realize about the M in the middle until you mentioned it...could you make the mountain sides more steep so the M is more recognizable? Thanks.

  • @mmcbride I made a change to the saw shape #57
  • @mmcbride Version with "CUSTOMS" #56
  • @mmcbride Hi CH, here is my design. I have kept the concept the same but made changes I feel improve the logo. I have incorporated a saw to represent the industry, but kept the original shape so that you still have the connection to Colorado. I have simplified the mountain so that it now resembles the letter "M" for "McBride" or "Mc" with the colorado saw. I have moved the text to the side rather than inside the circle to make room for a bolder, more interesting wordmark that ties visually to the pictoral mark with it's angular cutouts. I hope you like the design, I look forward to your feedback! #55
  • please check #52
    thanks ch...
  • About #42, sorry this took so long. Nothing much has changed, added the summits while also keeping the chimney. Again, let me know if there is anything you would like to change!
  • MC BRIDE style 1 with no circle, hope you like it :) #32
  • MC BRIDE style 1, hope you like it :) #31
  • / #30
  • I saw a lot of repetitive mountains when I looked at the entries, so I thought I would offer you something different! Thank you! #29
  • ... #21
  • ... #20
  • Every other logo in Colorado has a mountain scene. It's hard to tell them apart. Bildix. Boulder. #4
  • About #2, just one question. I was wondering if you would rather have the roof of a house in my design to be turned into summits, just a minor change but can mean all the difference. Let me know if you have any other changes you would like, thank you.
    • About #2, @QMcLau , the roof turning into summits would be cool!

    • @mmcbride Thank you for the quick response! If there is any other changes you want just let me know.