McDonald & Middleton DDS or McDonald & Middleton Dental

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Winning design #44 by AAZI, Logo Design for McDonald & Middleton DDS or McDonald & Middleton Dental Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AAZI

Project description

  1. 2 female dentists- logo should have some level of feminine element (would love at least a portion of script to be flowy font)
  2. Professional
  3. Graphic must in some way convey dental (we like more subtle vs in-your-face tooth/smile)

Things we've seen we like:
M&M monogram
Watermark of tooth in background
Could incorporate slogan: "Your Neighborhood Dentists"
Could incorporate our names: Lynette McDonald, Mandy Middleton

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  • and one more... #56
  • Thank you for the rating. Please see my revisions #54 and this one #55
  • Dear CH, Thank you so much for feedback & rating i upload new designs included new changes & new designs too i hope you like appreciated feedback again thanks #53
  • I do like!!!!- when glance tho' - the MM looks like it could be CM #40
    • no worries first m can be different . See m variations on #51 and #52. Let me know if you'd like other modifications.Thank you

  • M's are too dissimilar to me #45
  • the tooth here is probably my favorite tooth! Nice clean design . I Would like to see a version maybe minus the word dental behind McDonald and Middleton- the tooth conveys dental and the word dentist in the tag line. #35
  • and !!! really like the MM version in the corner here!!-
    letterhead vs card! #44
  • really growing as I look!! even without a symbol - Dental is immediately apparent #44
  • really like the M here!! - if deciding to go without a symbol of brush or tooth or brush- this could look nice on a letterhead #39
  • the tooth concept really going somewhere! Better fonts available for the McDonald and Middleton #38
  • like better_-reduce the & size &, test different fonts? and M's more prominent?
    thx #42
  • About #43, @akbarkman How can I make this logo number one for you?
  • love the MM concept in the brush and is better with names bigger!! #43
  • mmdental #44
    • @AAZI this is starting to really look nice!!!

  • Here is the design w/o the watermark #42
  • my fav so far- possible like without the color changes in the middle line #28
    • Thanl you for your great rating and feedback, here's a revision #40 without color changes as requested and using only 2 blue colours(no more black), I think it's cleaner like that.Thank you.

  • mmdental #41
  • m&m #39
  • the outside? ring is my favorite part- the face in center is cute - maybe too cute #24
    • @akbarkman Thanks for the feedback. I agree as well. I have uploaded #33 and #34. Let me know what you think. If there are any more suggestions please let me know. Thanks again.

  • I do like- I had thought a tooth behind the Ms would be what I was looking for- however it makes it a bit busy- you definitely listened and learned from comment and suggestins #27
    • Thank you for the feedback About #27, @akbarkman