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Winning design #168 by Vitrio, Logo Design for McGeeInc Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Vitrio

Project description

We exist to help people discover and accomplish their God given purpose and dreams.

We do this through three vehicles.
Consulting | Coaching | Investing

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  • The v still stands out to me. Could you try connecting the two shapes making the M together somehow? Whether two small lines that connect them of something else so that v shape doesnt stand out? #175
  • Well done! I really like this. Will you put the G and other colored text in a gold color for me? #146
    • About #146, @mcgeeinc Hi, i have done modification: #176 and #177

  • like this ? #175
  • Designers stop copying other designers ideas and concepts. Be respectful create your own ideas and concepts
  • Card mock up...any changes let me know... #165
  • Logo ... #164
  • This is definitely better for me. Can you help me work out the colors? I think the v in the middle stands out too much now because of the coloring #91
  • This is a great logo! It's just emphasizing the wrong letter for me. Our last name is McGee so the "M" is what needs to be highlighted.
    Thanks! #128
  • Hi, just wanted to give some feedback as to why i am eliminating.. The logo is really cool, it just resembles a hand signing the letter e to me. It may just be me that sees that, but just wanted to let you know. It is very well done, but I just keep seeing that. #130
  • Is there any way to incorporate an M into this logo? #138
  • I like the gradient in the "G" more than just a solid color. Nice touch #159
  • Well done! I really like this. Will you put the G and other colored text in a gold color for me? #146
  • Hey man, Great logos. I am going to keep the one with hard lines and eliminate these rounded ones. These are cool but the other one is more my style. Thanks! #163
  • I made a simple yet elegant look logo #154
  • Last entry.. feedback please #152
  • Hope you like it.. #151
  • .... #117
  • sir check the design #116
  • logo mock up 1.. #115
  • logo mock up #114