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Winning design #101 by shanum, Logo Design for McGinley Bros. Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by shanum

Project description

Property leasing firm. Owned by two friends, not brothers. 

Holdings include single family dwellings, multi-unit homes, and small to mid-size commercial properties. Desire a professional logo to formalize & legitimize the business to their customers. Perceived as good quality and value offering vs luxury to reflect unit type and consumer base.

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  • On basis of 2 partner friend & commercial buildings. #132
  • About #121, @Fabianalfaruk Please Check my proposal. # 112, # 116, # 119 and # 121, hope you like it. Luxurious and elegant. Let me know if this leads in the right direction and if there is something you want to change the logo, font, color, image, etc. Feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks and best regards, Have a nice day :)
  • I appreciate your positive feedback. thanks.
  • I appreciate your positive feedback. thanks.
  • check this. #107
  • Please check and provide feedback. #106
  • check my design.
    thank.... #82
  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, do not hesitate to let me know please. Sincerely, Christina. Thank you. #71
  • this is unique, perhaps you can make the rooflines in the back more flat like a midrise and a commercial building? Cool first draft! #41
    • @brendan3 refer to #41 Please check #64 for portrait and #65 for landscape design. Enjoy

  • feedback please my designs #50
  • Great job everyone! some really amazing and different looking designs.
    Feel free to try and play on 3 building forms (low rise home, mid-rise and commercial building forms) or on 2 partner friend/family ownership.
    Looking forward to picking a winning design soon!
    Cheers - thanks for everyone's efforts.
  • neat concept, can you expand to 3 keys/3 building forms (low rise as you have it, plus midrise and commercial looking building)? #43
  • can you blend this with your submission #9 showing low rise, midrise and commercial buildings? #6
  • very slick - would this logo be strait on and level or askew like this. looks like a wall sign, curious for a letterhead logo. #13
  • this is nice and clean, perhaps try 3 box lines of differing heights to represent lowrise housing, midrise and commercial housing which represent our portfolio and growth. #17
  • how about this one? #27
  • Same design, one color #26
  • McGinley Bros Inc. - Logo Design

    Hi, I hope you like this design. Please, let me know your comments about it and feel free to make changes. Thanks! #25
  • please check, thanks #7