Me, You and Some Glue...

Kristijp - such a pleasure to work with - I knew what I wanted but have so little knowledge in this area. I was provided information and explanations. Her art work was beautiful and truly embodied my vision for my business. I am already planning on doing future work with her. Thank you so much for helping me reach the next step!

$275 paid

22 custom designs

5pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #9 by kristijp, Logo Design for Me, You and Some Glue... Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kristijp

Project description

This is a creative art studio business.  It will be geared towards children but have adult creation opportunities as well.  I do not want the typical kid written lettering.  I want it to be a creative experience where children engage the environment through a variety of mediums and learn through the process.  I will eventually add additional classes and creative opportunities for adults under the same logo.  

For the colors  - I would like to incorporate purple and green in some fashion.  I prefer more upbeat.  I selected two colors I like, does not have to be exact, but should be similar. 

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  • Hi - Just wanted to check with you - it may be the screen resolution but it looks more pink than purple - is it? #9
    • @ahalliburton It is a bit pinkish right now, sort of similar to the colors chosen in your brief, but I can definitely edit it to go more towards a purple if that's what you're after, no problem.

    • @ahalliburton I just went ahead and made a version in more of a purple for you to compare. Let me know if #14 looks a bit better for color. Just let me know if it's not quite right, color tweaks are no problem at all

  • The script doesn't look too fun or playful.... #5
    • @ahalliburton #10, #11 more playfull?

  • I really like this- would you be able to add something like Creative Art Studio, Creation Studio, -something to identify what we do - I'm open to ideas there. love the dripping glue #1
    • @ahalliburton Thanks :) Let me know what you think about the addition of Creative Art Studio in #8. Feel free to suggest any other changes or color variations you might like to see, I'll be happy to try out more options for you. -Kristi

    • @kristijp - I really like this!! How do you think this would translate to t-shirts, pens, etc?

    • @ahalliburton Thanks so much! I think it'll translate nicely. I can do a few mock-ups for you so you can see for yourself. I'll get some stuff together and upload a preview for you.

    • @kristijp thanks I appreciate it.

    • @ahalliburton No problem, #9 has some mock up previews for you

  • I'm not loving http://this...some of it is a bit hard to read. #4
    • @ahalliburton Thank you for the feedback. These better - #5, #7 ?

    • @savina I like #7 better now...