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Winning design #249 by dcreative124, Logo Design for MealDrop Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dcreative124

Project description

We are a meal delivery service for college students. We drop off individualized boxed meals. Meant to be marketed to a younger demographic. I want it to be hip and cool. We'd like to focus on Grey, black and turquoise. "Healthy, affordable meals to you"

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  • Here's how I imagine your logo, I hope that you like it, please feel free to contact me if there's something to modify, thanks @collegemealdrop
  • How about this? #347
  • Hallo @collegemealdrop
    Please check this design. :) #340
  • ' #337
  • how about this? #334
  • Knife-spoon-fork: M letter #334
  • Hallo CH,
    Please check and give me feedback. thank you :) #325
  • MealDrop #323
  • MealDrop #319
  • MealDrop #316
  • Hi..

    May I have your advice to improving my design.

    my best regards #315
  • MealDrop #297
  • MealDrop #296
  • In my design I used a parachute dropping a box. The box is shaped as M and D, the initial of Meal Drop. I also used elements used while taking meal including knife, spoon etc.
  • Here is another design.
    Many Thanks & Looking forward to your response. #274
  • Hi, Please rate my entry and let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks. #273
  • Hello, ch.
    Please give me your feedback for better design.

    Best Regards. #265
  • 3.3 Different font option sampling a lighter grey option for more pop #264
  • 2/3...option without the border #263
  • is 1/3 different variations of what i came up with,the parachute was the first thing that came to mind,however i took a slightly different abstract and original approach by stylizing the outline of a box using a fork and spoon to denote food

    This detail will also work well when graphic is used as a stand alone
    I am on deck,looking forward to hearing back #262