Medalla Mamas

Morgane did a beautiful job and was a pleasure to work with! Design Contest was pretty easy to navigate and I was pleased with the number of submissions I received.

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Winning design #24 by morgane_norval, Logo Design for Medalla Mamas Contest
Gold Medal

designed by morgane_norval

Project description

I need a logo which consists of 3 of the dancing ladies emojis, side by side - one caucasian blonde in the red dress, one caucasian brunette in the red dress, and one latina brunette in a red dress.  The hispanic should be fair skinned (only slightly darker than the caucasians) and a little shorter than the other two.  Under the 3 ladies, the words "Medalla Mamas" in a playful black font.  I'd also like the same image with the font in white.  Transparent background.

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  • Hi there, this is #18 that I modified as requested. A longer dress. #24
    • @morgane_norval Thank you - I really like #24. It's one of my 2 favorites - I just need to sit with it for a couple of days to figure out which I prefer. Thank you so much for your work!

    • @heather1 no problem at all. It is a very fun logo, which makes it easier. If you need any changes feel free to let me know. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

    • @heather1 Hi there has a selection already been made? I wasn't sure how to see this.

  • Can you make the hair longer - just below the shoulders - for all 3 ladies? #21
  • Can you make this 3rd lady just a tad shorter?
  • Can you make this 3rd lady just a tad shorter? #21
  • The font is closest to what I want, but could you make it a little more original, so it isn't something that is a microsoft standard font? #21
  • Feedback #7 & #8

    Thanks in advance
  • hello sir do you like my designs or not.Do you want some changes
  • About #9, @alexsandoval - this is fun! Would you be able to make the font a little more feminine? Like snell round hand or lucida handwriting?
  • Hi there

    Could you please provide some feedback on #18 & #19. Is this more or less what you are looking for?

    • @morgane_norval Hello! I'm leaning towards 18. Could you make their dresses longer, more like the dress in the emoji?

  • About #20,
    Hello, here is my design for you, if you have any suggestion for me to make it better, please give me a feedback. Regards
  • tomorrow i also give you more design and i hope you like it i will also give you more designs and unlimited revision.thank you
  • check it this sir #15
  • check it this sir #14
  • Check it this sir #13
  • ok i will do that and i am also give you my creative logo i hope you like it.thank you for giving me your variable time
  • can you bend all 3 extended arms (on all 3 ladies) - to make them look less graceful and more like they're dancing at a party? #5
  • She should be shorter - just about shoulder height of the other 2 #5
  • should be the same skin tone as the blonde. #5
  • sir please check this i hope you are looking this