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Winning design #16 by Markus, Logo Design for Medusa Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Markus

Project description

Medusa™ This is a product for an Oil & Gas Company. Our Medusa section milling tool is designed to enter smaller sized casing, as well as section mill large sections of the outer strings of casing (eg, entering 7-5/8” casing to section mill a 100’ section of 9-5/8” outer casing string or entering 9-5/8” casing to section mill a 100’ section of 13-3/8” outer casing string). The Medusa is self-stabilizing within the outer string of casing it is exposed to.The Medusa gives the section milling supervisor real time data to make the necessary decisions required for increased footage, efficiency and longevity. The Medusa is also designed to remove large sections of casing without needing to change blades, which is especially useful when exposed to potentially hazardous or possible shifting formations.

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