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The experience working with Design Contest and Serg was great! I ended up with a great update to my old logo. The designer was very accommodating to work with. I would definitely use this process again. Thanks! Larry


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Winning design #83 by Sergheiev, Logo Design for Mercury Business Brokerage Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sergheiev

Project description

I am in the process of re-positioning my company into a larger market. The new name is Mercury Middle Market Advisors. I currently sell smaller businesses. This service is called business brokerage. I am moving to the 'lower middle market' which means I will be selling larger businesses. This is called M&A or Mergers and Acquisitions. The lower middle market is in the smaller end of M&A. I hope this helps give you perspective. What I want is either an update on my current logo or a new one. I use two icons, one is the Mercury 'god of commerce' icon, the other is the Mercury dime, an old US currency coin. I would most likely stay with the God icon and have it stylized or updated. If using the God icon, I would like to see designs with the Cadeus that is in the left hand is removed.

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  • If modifying the graphic, please remove the Cadeus or rod from the left hand. Also, I would like to see some designs using the Mercury Dime. Thanks.
  • Great start! I think I want Mercury Middle Market on the first line and Advisors on a second line, maybe in a script of some kind or at an angle at the end of first line. I like the cropped God used on #1 and #8. Don't care for the reverse of the graphic. I like the attempt at modifying the graphic in #5 but can't tell what it is in small size. Keep them coming! Thanks!
  • Hello Contest Holder, I've submitted #15. It would be my pleasure if you gave me feedback or review on it. Thank you very much.
    • Hi, Thanks for the submission. I like where you are going with the icon. Please try a couple of things to give it some depth or dimension. Also, try other fonts. Last word is plural, Advisors. Thanks, Larry

    • I'm glad you like the icon. Thank you very much for your review.

  • Hi Larry I entered your contest with #17 and #18. A round icon incorporating a Mercury god head, inspired by the mercury penny. Horizontal and vertical layout, i added a bit of "used" dust and scratch to one of the layouts to suggest the classic aspect of the coin. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Andrei
  • Hi Everyone, I think I might be giving too much direction. I am looking for something fresh, professional and elegant. Let's start from scratch and see what happens. Name of the company is Mercury Middle Market Advisors. I am in the Mergers and Acquisitions business. Let's see what you can do. Thanks!
  • Hi Larry - I just submitted #9. I took a more minimal approach. I like the idea of referencing the God without actually showing him. To me, showing the helmet alone implies that your client can wear it - rather than just hire the guy who owns it. I know it seems funny - but I dig the subtext when it comes to logos! Looking forward to your thoughts.
    • Joe, I am warming up to your idea. I am also looking for a more elegant look. Maybe a little more depth to the helmet, maybe the whole logo in a frame. Lose the green. Stick to the maroons, grays and blacks for now. Can you stack the MMM and put Advisors at an angle across the corner? Also, I would like to see what if looks like with MMM on one line and Advisors on a second line. This is my first time doing a contest. Not sure how much direction you are willing to take at this point. Thanks much.

    • Changes are not an issue. I'll work up some other options for you to see.

    • Hi Larry - I just posted #10 and #11. Angling and stacking the way you described presented a bit of a challenge, so I improvised. You have a lot of words in this logo - i hope these present some solutions.

  • I just uploaded my current business card, front and back. I have always gotten lots of compliments on this card. While I want to update the look, I want it to still be an elegant, professional design. One part that I like is the watermark M in the background.
  • Just uploaded 2 jpgs for ideas.
    • I'm glad you like my icon. I've submitted #27 . I made some modification on my design. I use different font, but it's more modern than before. Would you please to give feedback or review on it? Thank you. Bagas

  • Hi Larry: I just uploaded #24. Is this is closer to the depth you suggested, let me know. I can tweak further the color, depth, combination, etc.
  • I really like the icon both with and without the shadow. But I really like the font from #21. I will upload a jpg where I cut and pasted some ideas.
  • Nice job. Don't care for the white on maroon. Maybe try some more modern fonts. I was also thinking of reversing the icon and having the 3 words come off the 3 icon segments.
    • Thank you very much. Did you mean that the three words are "Mercury" "Middle Market" and "Advisors"?

    • Just Mercury Middle Market. Advisors would be below the icon. Thank.

    • Okay, one question more Mr. Larry. Are the words placed inside the icon?

    • You could try that. I was thinking trailing behind it. Thanks.

  • Hello, I've submitted #20 & #21. Any feedback, criticism, or praise would be appreciated. Thanks! I went this direction with the design because I could see it being very versatile. I was going for a modern and professional look. It would work at small sizes on business cards or large sizes on billboards. I would be able to supply any file formats you need.
  • Hello Larry, I have submitted #19 . I have added shadows on the icon. Would you please to give any feedback or review? Thank you very much Bagas
  • I'm afraid this is off the mark. Thanks for your efforts.
  • I'm afraid this is off the mark. Thanks for your effort.
  • You may be on to something with this icon. Please do more with it. Thanks.
  • I like the font and arrangement. The icon is too modern.
  • Please do more with this design. I like it. Maybe give it more depth or dimension. Thanks,
  • I like the design of the icon. Please add some effects to give it some depth or dimension. Also, please try a few other fonts. Some traditional, some modern. Thanks.
  • Hi there larry1 I have removed the example files of you uploaded , the files of designer ignbagas, those ideas are that designers ideas and concpets. Designers are not allowed to copy that designers original ideas/concepts. We are sorry for any problems this may cause. Designers... you are NOT allowed to copy designer " ignbagas" ideas/concepts
    • This is my first contest. I read the rules after I uploaded the files. My apologies to all. Please continue to send your original concepts. Thanks.