Metal Pro Machine LLC.

Design contest was a very simple to use and great way do get a creative logo designed. All of the designers are very helpful and friendly. I would recommend this site to anyone who needs something designed. I personally would like to thank each designer who entered a design in my contest.


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Winning design #95 by JCreation, Logo Design for Metal Pro Machine LLC. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JCreation

Project description

Logo for a small machine shop specializing in building and designing production manufacturing equipment. We are a younger generation of machine shop, ages 20-30 and would like the logo to reflect that but at the same time show CEO's of million dollar companies we are serious and professional.

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  • Hi, Please see my revised designs #99 and #100. Thanks!
  • Can I ask for just one more small change??? Can you make the internal circle thin like #94 but keep every thing else exactly the same. #95
  • Hi ch, I've already upload the revise design. hope you like the concept. Let me know your feedback. thanks :) #95
  • Junifer if you google bolt circle images i would like to see this design with bolt circle holes in the gear instead of the cut-out arc. #60
    • @cjay hi ch, thank yuo so much to your feedback. yes i will make a revise design. thanks :)

  • After showing this design to a few friends I think the problem with this design is the fact that the MPM looks like all lower case letters. #51
    • @cjay Hello CJay, please have my modified designs #92 & #93. MPM letters are bit longer (higher) and justified at the bottom, to look as capitals.
      I am hoping you will consider them. Please let me know if you feel anything else should be changed.
      Best regards.

  • I think the coloring of this logo needs to change... can you make the gear look like a brass finish and make the 2 M's a solid matching color? #76
    • About #76, @cjay Thank you and will do your advice. Will send the revision immediately.

  • sach could you straighten out the tail of the P and make the M's tails not intersect the oval going around the MPM? #79
  • I can't believe all the great designs! You guys make picking a winner way more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!
  • I think if you make the eclipse shape a circle this would be better. Keep the cut the same size instead of narrowing it on the ends. #60
  • my favorite feature of your design is the drill point at the right side of the M. #73
  • Looks like a big P on the end my fault, don't like that thank you so much for doing that. #62
    • @cjay hi Ch, its ok dont worry ch, i will make some revise as you request. thanks :)

  • can you put holes in the gear? #60
  • hi Ch, thanks positive feedback. please check new design i upload. hope im still in right direction. just feel free to ask any revision of the design. thanks :) #62
  • would you be interested in designing a logo just like this but in place of the gear put a micrometer? #60
  • I like how this looks but i think the teeth are to delicate for me. #61
  • I like how that arc breaks up the gear could you try putting circle holes in place of the arc? #60
  • I would agree with pentool29. Most of the designs have a gear in them. I would like to have seen other concepts like a caliper, micrometer or end mill. If every one uses a gear than I say," may the best gear win"!
  • This design is very cool! I would like to see it on a black back ground and change the color of what is black to something that really stands out on black. Orange? maybe? #7
    • About #7, @cjay
      Thank you very much your kind feedback.
      I have made modifications, please take a look at designs #49 & #50 (and #51 where I have tried with the blue as well, but fire orange stands out more).
      I hope you will like them.
      Please let me know what do you think and if any other changes are needed.

      Kind regards

  • Could you try a chrome MPM ,a orange gear and a blue little half circle. #47
  • I like what you did with the multiple gears. But i'd like to something besides gears. Maybe a caliper or micrometer or end mill. #46
    • hi CH, thank you for all the feed back.. ok, no problem, i will try to make another concept besides gears, and upload it soon :) kind regards