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An excellent experience. The number of entries exceeded expectations and all the designers were very responsive to comments and suggestions. This approach to establishing your companies brand is certainly recommended.

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Winning design #182 by morabira , Logo Design for Metrix Plant Technologies Contest
Gold Medal

designed by morabira

Project description

Design a logo for our new start up company.

Our company provides technology solutions to help mining companies that use the flotation process for the extraction of value minerals from waste rock.
Design needs to be clean, professional and punchy, and also respect the somewhat conservative nature of the mining industry. Suitable colors include blue, green, silver, brown or other earthy colors. 
Ideal logo is somewhat abstract (no obviously direct mining images) but conveys a feel of modern technology. Suitable imagery may include simplified grids (matrix boxes), bubbles, minerals but this is not a requirement.
Logo wants to be complex enough to be distinctive, but also needs to ultimately be applicable to putting on shirts or other commercial merchandise 
Ideal logo includes picture/symbol and full company name
Selected colors below are not mandatory 

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  • Winner will be announced within the next 24 hours...
  • Thanks everyone who submitted a design...Very much appreciated.
    Metrix Team
  • Hi,
    Please check it out i create a modern technology icon hope you like it.
    thanks #198
  • Put emphasis on "X" as the business is about the extraction process of value minerals from waste rock. Kindly see file for your review.

    Thanks! #190
  • simple architecture and approachable new identity #187
  • Can we try a couple of things with color? Dark Blue rather than grey? Thanks. #147
  • Like to hear what you think #175
  • The colors appear to be drawn apart thereby eluding to the sorting or extracting process. #162
  • Close. A touch more golden/metallic? The imagery i like is this can represent a mineralized froth in flotation, whilst being a simple design. One other request - I'm not sure i like the size of the pictorial in relation to the font. Maybe we can try it such that they are the same size? This is one of my favorites so far... #145
  • Go with me on this, but can you try a gold color on the pictorial rather than the green. There is some nice symbolism in this design. Thanks #144
    • @rdthorpe or an alternative would a silver color...

  • Nice - Quite like this. Would like to see something slightly different on the pictorial, perhaps replacing the hexagons with something else. Font is nice. #140
  • Hi - thought this would be an interesting concept for your brand - thanks #142
  • This is interesting. Please try an alternative with the pictorial on the LHS and the gradient color removed from the words. Also please line up the Metrix with Plant Technologies below. We prefer that. Tx #133
  • Concept updated with a clean, sophisticated sans serif type treatment. #138
  • Hi All

    OK - 2 Days Left. This competition is still up for grabs and we will be choosing a winner on Wednesday.

    There are some good designs here which we like, but we'd like a few more different ideas if possible. Please focus on the following:

    i) Simple Clean Font. Nothing too stylized. No color gradient in the font. No bubbles in the font - Just "Metrix Plant Technologies" in a clean legible font. Nothing too "futuristic" - That's not we want.

    ii) A Simple pictorial on the LHS of the wording. We have some good ideas around grids and bubbles - Some things work for us, others less so. Please keep the designs clean and professional looking.

    iii) Dont use an "M" letter as the pictorial. I don't think we will choose this.

    More specific comments later today....

  • And here is a slightly more simplistic style of logo. But it still shows power and technology. It is also a unique style. #137
  • Here I created a kind of negative space logo. This logo implies advanced technology. #136
  • Using simple geometric shapes to depict a complex process, the logo represents the use of water, specifically bubbles, to extract minerals from waste rock. By keeping the shapes simple and using strong, refined typography, the logo is able to present a face of stability and permanence in an industry with players from old stalwarts to short lived flashes in the pan while still being modern and current. #123
  • improving bubble feel...more to come... #121
  • Hi All
    Lots of really interesting designs have come in this weekend - Thanks to everyone who has submitted.
    Lots for me and the team to ponder - I will be providing lots of comments tomorrow on our likes and dislikes - Still 3 days left, before we will be choosing a winner to represent our company. Good luck all, keep the efforts coming in..

    Cheers, rdthorpe