Mex-Mix (Mexican/American Eatery)

Thank you for all of your hard work! We really like the final product! You worked one on one with me for several days and you were able to make all changes we asked. Thank you!!

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Winning design #220 by graphman, Logo Design for Mex-Mix (Mexican/American Eatery) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

I need a logo for our restaurant, Mex-Mix Eatery. We are going to be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

We will have a MEX menu option (Mexican foods) and MIX menu option (American classics with option to mix it up with Mexican spices/ flavors).

We will serve American favorites for breakfast, (omelettes, pan cakes, french toast etc) as well as Mexican inspired breakfasts (huevos rancheros, chilaquiles), etc. 

We will also serve American favorites for lunch/dinner such as hot dogs (option to add spices to them), pizzas and wings (with green and red salsa options), fries, etc. Also for our Mex side of the menu for lunch/ dinner: tacos, tortas, quesadillas, taco bowls etc.  

I want to re emphasize that we are going to be a Mexican American eatery. All these logos are neat, and now going for up to 14 days for the contest, however some look too Mexican. People that are not familiar with Mexican food, tend to think it's all spicy. We don't want to scare people away and invite all customers to give us a try! 

I want the word MEX a black dash and MIX.
I want the two words to be different colors but not too busy! 
I like the idea of having them connect, maybe go from regular font into cursive and/or a scrabble type effect even. (We have two signs to change: We want one with just the large name, MEX-MIX (Mexican American Eatery). We need this to be on our t-shirts.

For the other sign, we want the same lettering but some characters above the name. 
It can say MEXICAN AMERICAN EATERY above or below.
And also somewhere, BREAKFAST - Lunch - DINNER.
We want to see a breakfast item (pancake) next to a (lunch item) funny taco (with mustache) next to  a pizza (dinner) .
We want characters to look funny and expressive, not too busy but (all in black and white, even though we want letters in two colors). 

Just create the logo with all letters and the characters. You can give me a copy of just the words Mex-Mix file for our t shirts when you win.

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  • I think MEX is now perfect with the black line off of it. I like the M on MIX but I think we could have a longer tail on the last leg of it (see Brief photos). We now need to perfect the entire red MIX word. Then that will be it! I put some photos in brief of different cursive fonts for MIX. Please see photo. I know contest is almost ending, we can work on this in the 7 day period that follows. I see in your #174 the i and x didn't touch - I like that. If you llok in the brief, if might be cool to keep red M as is with longer tail that goes a little under te ix and maybe make ix a little smaller? ThankS!!! #220
  • Is there more white space here under the little red than under the red cursive capital M? Or is it just an illusion that makes the little x seem higher? #220
  • Can this just be a dot, not touching the i? Or is this just the font and can't change it? #220
  • Yes!!! Looks so much better, don't you think? :) 100% #220
  • Can we take the black lines away from the x line that crosses in front and jut make the x have the black outlines on the edges? This is the only letter that has the black lines within. Is that possible to do? #219
  • Can we take the black lines away from the x line that crosses in front and jut make the x have the black outlines on the edges? This is the only letter that has the black lines within. Is that possible to do? #219
  • I have been looking more st this X. Can we make the rounded leg a bit thicker at the bottom? I know it has to thin out at the top as it meets the M from Mix. #219
  • This is it!!! The last thing I see that maybe the dashes between Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner are a little long. Can we make them shorter? After you are done with that. How do we move on from here? Do I have to wait for the contest to end? #218
    • Thank you so much! I am grateful that you chose me to work with. I really appreciate it. It was really helpful that you have a great eye, and know what you want. It really helped the design come alive :) All files are vector format. I will put all the files you requested together as separate files, characters, lettering etc. The main logo will have individual layers, that comprise the full logo... That way you can go in and remove or change things if you would need to in the future. Once you feel the design is Ready, at this stage, that we are on now. You can end the contest, or let the time run out and end it. Once you pick a winner, we move on to the finalization stage. That is the stage where we have 7 days to make changes. Once your satisfied. I will upload all the files you need and requested, via zip file upload. Once you download the files and find everything is ok. You can then end the finalization process :) Here is the layout with the shorter dashes. #219, @timeagk

  • I want this more of a greenish blue teal color please. I tried looking online for the color we will paint the walls, but the screen makes it look blue. So its no point in me putting a picture up. So we are looking for a blue green teal retro shade. A little more green. #215
    • #218 Sorry, it took me awhile to get the new layout together :) @timeagk

  • Maybe a thin black outline o. The red? #215
  • This the best! Just the shadows on the floor. Please change nothing more. Just the letter outline bolder and a more green teal on MEX. #215
  • This looks AWESOME! Two more things. Can we make the black outline on MEX-Mix letters bolder/ thicker. The color on the MEX looks a bit too blue. I want a blue green teal. I am going upload a shade of teal in the brief. #215
  • This shade is great. I'm not sure if you saw my comments on other design, but I said the zig zag pattern in Mex doesn't work anymore. See line design in brief. Or maybe we keep one zigzag line in M and make it red? make the line red? #212
    • Oh yea. I forgot that :) I'll work on that and the shadow. brb. About #212, @timeagk

    • I got the new layouts for you, with the adjustments you requested. Different options. :) About #213 #214 #215 #216 #217, @timeagk

  • I meant a shadow on the ground/floor? This looks cool too. Can you show me a shadow on the ground? #212
  • Maybe share a light grey ground under the characters? Maybe a shadow of a road they are standing on? Could even put the taco back a little on the grey road to cover some of the white space above his head. What do you think? Do you like it with the white space? #206
    • I made a few options to look at. I hope I got it right with the grey frame. I experimented with adding a shadow to the characters. It's kind of like they are standing on a stage. About @timeagk

  • Now this looking great!!!!! You are so talented! You truly understand your cudtomers! Can't wait till we finish up! You get 5 stars from me!!! #206
    • Thank you! :) I'm going to work on the new tweaks. brb. About #206, @timeagk

  • I think black dashes like in Mex-Mix would look best between breakfast - lunch - dinner. #206
  • This black outline a little bit bolder but not as bold as the rest of the box outline? Maybe between the thin outline and top or rectangle, shade it a light grey? #206
  • If we can just make the black border around MEX a little bolder that would be great! #206
  • The zig zag lines no longer match this design. #206 can we put either a white or black line design like in 198? I added some line designs - since we are going retro. This would be for MEX only. Please see BRIEF. Also can we match the teal green color to photos in brief? I thinks it's a little more teal green.