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Winning design #84 by nicolets , Logo Design for Michigan Medicare Supplement Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolets

Project description

Need a logo with the company name and incorporating the slogan:  Medicare Supplement Coverage is what we do.  Nice is how we do it.  In the logo, Medicare + Supplement must be in the same line.

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  • Please check #109 It is more gorgeous to others.
  • #Michigan Medicare Supplement Group (b) #108
  • #Michigan Medicare Supplement Group (a) #105
  • About #102, @nicolets Thank you!
    • About #102, @dave_peters74 welcome CH..

  • About #82, @nicolets (just replace coverage with insurance)
    • About #82, @dave_peters74 hi CH... good day.. thanks for the message, i will submit now CH.. thanks..

    • @dave_peters74 #102 is my latest entry CH.. thanks...

  • please check my design, thank you #95
  • About #82, @nicolets Can you change "Medicare Supplement Coverage..." to Medicare Supplement Insurance? Thanks
  • About #86, @nicolets Excellent! Thank you.
    • About #86, @dave_peters74 welcome CH.. thank you very much for the feedbacks... thanks..

  • About #84, @nicolets Green swoosh and everything else in blue please.
    • About #84, @dave_peters74 no probs CH.. I will submit.. thanks

  • About #82, @nicolets also, how about everything in blue except the "Nice is how..." line?
  • About #82, @nicolets perfect color of green!
  • About #71, @nicolets (leaving the "Medicare Supplement Coverage..." in blue)
  • About #71, @nicolets Can we also see what it would look like with the swoosh and the "Nice is how we do it in lime green?
  • About #71, @nicolets Can we try the "swoosh" and the "Medicare Supplement Coverage is what we do" in a lime green color?
    • About #71, @dave_peters74 thanks for the message CH.,. no problem CH.. I will submit the latest request.. thanks and regards..

  • About #71, @nicolets Thank you so much for all the changes!
    • @dave_peters74 very much welcome CH.. thank you for this feedback..

  • About #70, @nicolets Can you make the "Medicare Supplement Coverage".... line smaller so that is stops before the "swoosh"?
    • About #70, @dave_peters74 hi CH.. yes CH. i will submit now. thanks again..

  • About #60, @nicolets Can you do this one with the phone number in the same type style as "Medicare Supplement Coverage..."?
    • About #60, @dave_peters74 yes CH. i will submit now.. thanks again...

    • About #60, @dave_peters74 #70 is the latest CH.. thanks...

  • About #61, @nicolets Can we also see what the phone number would look like in the same type style you used in "Medicare Supplement Coverage Is What We Do"?
    • About #61, @dave_peters74 yes CH.. i will submit now...

    • About #61, @dave_peters74 #69 CH is the latest entry.. thanks...

  • About #59, @nicolets That is excellent--thank you. One last request--can you do our phone number across the bottom. We would like it the same size as the Michigan Medicare line at the top and in that same type style. The number is 269-222-1000. Thank you.
    • About #59, @dave_peters74 thanks for this great appreciation CH.. #61 is the latest entry.. thanks..

  • About #56, @nicolets We are getting there! A couple of ideas--Can we start the Nice is how we do it under the C in Medicare and end it with an exclamation (!) point? Thanks.
    • About #56, @dave_peters74 thanks for the feedback CH.. i will submit right away the latest request.. thanks..

    • About #56, @dave_peters74 hi CH.. i have submitted the latest design.. thanks..