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Winning design #111 by rezawawan1976, Logo Design for Microdea Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rezawawan1976

Project description

The job: Desperately seeking design pro to come up with a unique, sophisticated, tech-y corporate logo for an established software development company.

Microdea is a technology company (software development) selling enterprise content management, document management and process automation software to the following industries: transportation, insurance, financial services, education and healthcare. 

Our target customer: middle management, IT, CIO

Geography: North America, and a little in Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

Keywords: business process automation, document, workflow, scanning

Here’s what we want: We welcome sophisticated, professional, unique, custom designs that have not been proposed or used for any other client. Must be original work. We’ve had two logos created for us recently, but results have not been sophisticated enough.

Here’s what we don’t want: for the graphic element, please don’t use a square with horizontal lines to emulate a printed page.

Must have: graphic element + word Microdea = entire logo, horizontal layout

Colours: blue (PMS 7456) and green (PMS 3105) or similar to match web site design

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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  • Thanks for this Rezawawan. # 152 can you make two more versions: 1. keep the M and the box purple, but make all other text black. 2. keep the M upper case, but make all other text lower case. Thanks! #153
    • About #153, @Microdea Sure. But your contest is already expired. So I can not submit more design. Unless you extend your contest or choosing a winner.

  • Hi Devangka,
    We really like your design # 12. Are you still interested in making revisions for us? Hope to hear from you today. #12
  • Hello. I show you my project. This circles showing a name "micro"thats means small. Its look like IT #181
  • microdea?? #164
  • please check #162 give me a review
  • the i in bulb shows idea....... #146
  • Hello. please give feedback to my design
  • Hello. Please check my work #121
  • Hi Kwik,
    Thanks for the great designs. May we please see two variations on #41:
    1. On the letter E, for the middle horizontal line, invert it so that the angled end is on the top
    2. keep the M upper case, make all other letters lower case

    Thanks! #41
    • About #41, @Microdea please see new update from this design. thanks

  • Great design Rezawawa! Thanks! Can you please give us two alternate versions:
    1. move the box to the left so that the right vertical side of the box aligns with the M, instead of the I.
    2. keep the M upper case. Make all other letters lower case.

    Can't wait to see these! Thanks! #89
  • Hi Devangka,
    This design is in our short list of 3! Please make two alterations:
    1. colour change as requested previously
    2. keep the M as is, make all other letters lower case

    Looking forward to seeing these! Thanks. #12
  • logo idea. Hope Im on track. Good luck #107
  • a and arrow--"North America" #101
  • Love this one Devangkat! Can you please change the blue colour to Pantone 7456 / RGB 95, 110, 179.

    Thanks! #12
    • @Microdea Hi Devangkat - are you there? Hoping to see the change requested yesterday - # 12 please change the blue colour to Pantone 7456 / RGB 95, 110, 179. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this Kwik! Looks great! Can you please create a version with all the text the same colour = our blue.

    Thanks! #41
    • About #41, @Microdea please see my update design. thanks

  • Please feedback :)
    I'll try to complete your requirements.
  • letter m + μ #53
  • Thanks Ovfa,
    Great to see the design in our colours! Thanks!

    Can you please make one change: bold the text!

    Thanks! #43
  • About #43, @ovfa
    how do you respond for the color, thanks
  • #43