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We love the design and couldn't be happier with the results. @LatishaBollema was very helpful and quickly responded to any requests that were presented. We are very excited to have this logo as the face of our company!

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Winning design #96 by LatishaBollema, Logo Design for Middle River Seafood Contest
Gold Medal

designed by LatishaBollema

Project description

Seafood company that buys/sells fish and crabs from local fishermen in North Carolina.  We are committed to sustaining fisheries and providing fresh catch to restaurants and our market.   We are family owned and operated, looking to expand our market across states with a awesome logo. We specialize in blue crab from the Albemarle Sound in North Carolina, but we sell fish as well.  We hope for a logo that is colorful and more playful than serious, but we want it to come off professional. The main purpose of this is to design a website around the logo but also be able to put it on shirts. It would be nice to see logo designs with characters and without. Some more professional, corporate looking ones and some that are more playful. If you want to ask questions to get a better feel for what we are looking for, let us know! Thank you for helping!

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  • This is just my opinion but is something to think about as far as the design goes. When creating a design for branding that will stand the test of time and not need to be updated every few years, think about the designs that are out there which have lasted almost unchanged over the years. For the most part, and there are exceptions to every rule, designs that have staying power and are the most versatile are simple in shape and color. You can always dress up a design for certain applications, however the core of the design is easier retained in people's memory with less detail. Going with a minimalistic approach will also afford you to use the design in many more ways effectively such as watermarks, one or two color printing, apparel embroidery, and ease of recognition from a very large scale down to the smallest you might need it. Like I said at the beginning of this comment, these are just a few things to think about. best of luck with your contest and with your market expansion as well.
    • I meant no disrespect by this post. I just thought that you might like some design advice. All of my designs were promptly eliminated after I posted this so I will just take it that you didn't like the direction of my designs after the changes that you requested were made. In the future you might consider holding blind contests in order to keep quality designers from feeling like they are being used. Thank you.

    • @johnmichaeldesigns We understand your frustration. We never intended for you to feel used. Your design was of high debate and a top choice, however we had to make a decision yesterday of 3-5 finalists. With the group reviewing these designs, you were the top choice for almost half of the voters. After much discussion and contemplation, we decided we wanted to go a different direction. We thank you for your hard work and prompt responses, but at the end of the day, this is a contest and we decide the winner. No logo was eliminated without thorough consideration. Your logo was no different. We spent the most time going back and forth on your design and finally came to a consensus. Please don't take the elimination as a disrespect to you and your hard work. Thank you sincerely.

    • @whiteshe I understand. Thank you

  • Hello contest holder! This is my proposal for Middle River Seafood's logo. It's a playful design, but I tried to keep it simple and neat in order to incorporate a professional look and feel. #111
  • О дизайне #53, @AureN

    Also, of course, I'll give you and iconic image of this crab, based on this logo. For small-sized purposes (apps, stamps, etc.) :)
  • Hi... Please check on my design concept.. Any comment is greatly appreciated. Warm Regard. Thank You. #110
  • Hi... Please check on my design concept.. Any comment is greatly appreciated. Warm Regard. Thank You. #109
  • Hi! Here is my Entry. I hope you'll like my design. Your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks #97
  • I like the fish a lot, but it gives off the impression that we are a restaurant. We are looking for more of a market appearance where we sell to restaurants. #94
  • Here is the updated version of #71 with rope oval. #96
  • О дизайне #95, @AureN

    Made this image with 5 paints (standart for printing machine).

    Also you can print this picture by CMYK paints. It would be the same price for any picture, without paints count via Pantone and other color-books.

    I think, People don't need to fear the difficulties that result in a loss of quality ;)
  • Can we make this with a rope around it, instead of the oval design we have now? #71
    • About #71, @whiteshe I sure can. I will updated an resubmit.

  • I really like this design because it is playful and attractive, but I think it may have too much going on. The goal is to put it on a truck, along with restaurants in the future. It may be more fitting for a restaurant. #91
    • About #91, @whiteshe I went by the brief's directions and my concept has simple versions too; I'm not sure about what you're looking for by the top rated entries, since they are quite generic.
      Anyway, take care and good luck.

  • Can we also make the crab a little more detailed? It looks like everything is fairly drawn out and then the claws are not. #87
  • We're concerned that printing costs will be expensive with all of the colors. Can we see this with less colors? We love this idea a lot, just want to be able to market this on multiple items. We are choosing a winner tonight. #53
  • Can we make this one color in multiple variations? Example, all blue or teal, etc. Just not red. #87
  • Crab leg and fork, it's seafood :) #92
  • MRS-8

    Hi @whiteshe, here's another set of variants as design alternatives:

    – In the upper left, a logo version with a lime green background (also without flounders).
    – In the upper right, a version with blue background and red crab (also without flounders).
    – At the bottom left and center, more color options for the reduced fish logo.
    – At the bottom right, a new emblem with an even more simplified layout and minimal graphic accent: an icon that symbolizes a river "in the middle" (of the 2 stars).

    Note: if you want your brand to stand out and be attractive to customers besides looking trustworthy and professionally customized, I think that a generic silhouette of a crab (let alone a realistic drawing) along with the company name is not gonna do it, that's why I worked at this fun and freshness-inspiring graphic as an immediately recognizable image.

    Have a good one. #91
  • Here is the updated version of#71. #89
  • Can you get rid of the oval? So just the crab and the name?
    • About #71, @whiteshe
      Thank you for the rating. I will revise and resubmit right away.

  • the star has been change with fishing hook #86
  • Can we make the man's overalls orange and the boots blue? Then change the font to a color that fits well with that? Thanks! #78
    • About #78, @whiteshe yes we can do that... I'll be submitting in a moment thank you : )

    • @Thet Can you make a the bottom boots navy blue? The entire thing should not be orange.

    • @whiteshe yes we can... one moment while I make those adjustments