Midnight Lights

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Project description

 - Logo design for a husband-wife contemporary country music duo. 

 - Key words of brand:
Unique, Endearing, dynamic, fun, caring, charming, one-of-a-kind, Light (shine bright), authentic, 

 - Please see our newest photos (uploaded below) to see the direction we are going in with our future media. 
 - See our website for photos, videos, and more about who we are: www.midnightlightsmusic.com

We are open to literal lights, or an interpretation. 

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  • Hi Haidar, we really like this one and might select it.
    We like the handwritten initials in the circle, but the i looks more like a lower case b...
    Would you consider fixing this? #266
    • About #266, @info162
      thank you for your feedback. yes i will clarify the letter according to your request. and if I am selected as the winner, I'll revise all your requests to complete.


      best regards


    • .

    • @info162 , @info162 hello, sir. I am waiting for a response from you to revise this design. thanks. Greetings. haidar

  • Hi Sir,
    I used here 3 elements in logo, ML+Moon+Couple in logo. Moon is symbol of love, peace and light, he is giving light to express your emotion. couple is dancing in moonlight peacefully, enjoying the music. please give your suggestion for the same #296
    • About #296, @deepakkumar
      Hi Sir
      I thank you for that recommendation
      If you want any changes please tell me
      I love to your advice

  • Midnight Lights : Moon, Bulb all give light and midnight. #316

    Please Rate Thank You!
  • Simple and Attractive Logo... #291
  • Hope you like it. #290
  • Dear Jason and Katie,

    Please have a look.

    jupiterckr #287
  • Dear Jason and Katie,

    I have modified the logo. Please have a look.

    jupiterckr #286
  • i hope this logo fit with your bussiness #285
  • simple and gonna be iconic #283
  • Dear Jason and Katie,

    Please have a look.

    Regards, #282
  • Dear Jason and Katie,

    I have modified the text compositions on your logo "Midnight Lights". Please have a look.

    jupiterckr #270
  • hello, sir.

    please rate it, i hope you give me advices for this.

    thank you :) #269
  • Hi! I'm Andrea from Italy. My concept is a Sixteenth note merged with a moon. If you like that feel free to contact me for improvements or corrections. Scrool down and use the zoom lens in the top for watch the image in full resolution.

    Thanks. :)

    Andrea #260
  • Used 2 bass clefs to create image of heart #258
  • hi there, just posted my entry #256 #257 hope you like it. thanks
  • how with my logo? I used the circle as the moon and also the letter "M" in it as a flame. whether my design concept interesting? #252
  • new 2 #249
  • new color, please feedback, if you want to change others, please let me know

    karamoy #248
  • feedback please #245
  • feedback please #244