Midway Motorsports Park

Overall had some good designs come in, also had some not so good ones come in, but eventually settled on one we are happy with.

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Winning design #28 by sueq, Logo Design for Midway Motorsports Park Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sueq

Project description

Reopening a drag strip that is almost exactly in between Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina-- the two largest cities of our state-- hence the name "Midway." Currently, we are working to reopen the drag strip as well as start a motocross track for dirt bikes and a dirt oval track for motorcycles/cars. For this reason, the primary logo should convey the sense of motorsports in general, and not specifically any one of these aspects of the park. 

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  • I really like this one, but could you change font on bottom, saying 'Motorsports park'? The 'k' on the end looks like an 'h' and the 'rt' molds together #12
    • @petdameva Great! No problem. Please see #40 and let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks

    • @sikdesigns

  • Hi petdameva,
    Thanks for the ratings, please find a new version #41, #42. Feedback greatly appreciated.
    Regards SJK
  • this is fresh idea no body design like this and i hope you like this creativity
    it is diferent #36
  • option 3 #35
  • option 2 #34
  • look cool for cutting media metal or wood maybe #33
  • bold logo easy to read and racing style with center flags
    i hope as you like

    can you give me feedback for this design? thanks you #32
  • Hi petdameva,

    Another design with more 'powerful and speed',
    Hope you like it,

    Thanks, #31
  • thank you #29
  • thank you #28
  • thank you #27
  • New version with red color for more powerful,

    Hope you like it,

    Thanks, #26
  • Another version with different letter 'D' ,
    Hope you like it

    Thanks, #25
  • Hi petdameva,

    New design with more high-speed motion and a map of South Carolina.

    Hope you like it,

    Thanks, #24
  • Also, is there a way to do another example of this logo, except without the shading, to see what it would look like? My boss says he feels like it muddies the logo. #12
  • Hi petdameva.
    Please find my entries #18, #19, #20, #21, feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • please check #14
  • Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks, Erik #13
  • Hello. Please check the design, if you want to change something, write me. Thank you! #9
  • Another logo design for review and feedback please. #8