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I had a wonderful experience with a lot of great entries. Thanks again for all the entries.

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Winning design #65 by Brendox, Logo Design for Midwest Diesel Performance Contest
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designed by Brendox

Project description

*Please visit www.mwdieselperformance.com The site is not complete but we like the font style but are open to other styles. *include MDP(company initials) *Use of graphics such as a turbo, injectors, or pistons may be used. * I am open to all designs and feels. You are the talented ones which is why I am here. * Please use blacks, greys, silvers, and white for the color. Very minimal use of very deep red is ok *I am not sure what all the styles to explore are so I am checking a few of them *be creative and have fun with it

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  • JoeWhatfield102, Thank you for the feedback and rating. I'll definitely work up some more options incorporating your suggestions. Thanks again, eRic
  • #2 I would like to see something different.
  • eRic I think you are on the right track. I like where you are going with the MDP, I would like to try and avoid stacks but what you are doing is pretty cool. Lets lose the shadow on performance. I like the text on the company name. See what else you can do with the MDP maybe give it a tougher look. The smoke needs some work. Also see if you can incorporate injectors or a turbo instead of stacks. Give me a few different options. Thanks for the entry I look forward to some others.
  • JoeWhatfield102, Any feedback on my entry #3? thank you, eRic
  • NOAMALON I like the font style minus some of the splotchy missing areas. Maybe a little less splotchy.
  • Dear joewhatfield102, Do you like this font? Thank you
  • #1 I like the use of MDP but I think the text is a little splotchy so to speak. I want it to come across as tough. Also I like the color but I need the design to be a little more involved. Include the company name as well. You can view diesel websites and photos for inspiration.
  • Dear joewhatfield102, Can I get a feedback? Thank you
  • Hello CH, Excited to hear what you think about my logo #4. Hope you have a great weekend!
  • Dear CH, Here is an additional concept #22.. looking forward to your return, will refine as needed. Thanks, Marvel :)
  • Dear Contest Holder, About #7 Thanks for the great rating! Let me know if you have any thoughts or request... Here is my latest concept #20 (on a dark background) as well as #21 (up close shot). I incorporated the Midwest Diesel Performance initials "MDP" as stated in your design brief; the logo can also stand alone (without initials #7) if you desire. Willing to update as you request, Thanks again! - Marvel
  • Be more original. Do not copy other designers! http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/midwest-diesel-performance/entry/7/
  • Hi joewhatfield102, Please find my entries #11 , #12 . Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • #10 My First entry in your project i hope you will like it, if you required any changes please let me know thanks.
  • I want to let everyone know I will be away from the Internet until Saturday or Sunday. Please keep the designs coming and I will give full feedback when I return. Thanks for all the entries.
  • I like the text here a little better. Give me time to look at it an decide if I want to see something different.
  • I like this one and #45. Give me time to look over them for better feedback.
  • eRic I like where this design is going, drop the injector, it doesn't seem to flow. I like how the text is set up in the lower design but use the text style used in #9 to spell out Midwest diesel performance. I like how you included the website in #49. So what I would like is instead of the smoke coming out of the front, continue the leg of the P to the back which will underline the entire name. Make it look like an exhaust pipe and at the end put an exhaust tip with the smoke coming out the back. Sorry #49 was deleted.
  • Hi joewhatfield102. Please find my entries #45 , #46 , #47 , #48 . Any feedback greatly appreciated. Colours, fonts etc. Regards SJK
  • Re: About #9 Please check out #43 where I try your suggestions. BTW, there's a small typo on your web page (PEFORMANCE vs. PERFORMANCE). Thanks again, eRic