Mijnbespaartips (Mysavingtips)

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Winning design #29 by operhal, Logo Design for Mijnbespaartips (Mysavingtips) Contest
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designed by operhal

Project description

We are launching a new website called Mijn Bespaartips ( http://mijnbespaartips.nl ). Translated from Dutch this means "My Saving Tips". Our target group are students at first, but in the future we also would like to target other groups. 

This is a blog with all kinds of tips to save money. Like insurances, coupons and effective grocery shopping. Furthermore there will be blogposts about financial/discount news.

The goal of the website is to help other people to save money these days because of the financial crisis etc.

How the logo should look like?

- Nice design!
- Business look (it's a serious subject)
- If possible, please add a mockup. This way we can see how the logo looks like at the website.
- Maybe a logo which includes money/wallet/something that reminds to debts? Your choice!

We have extended the contest with 7 days. Now we will guarantee a winner!

The text (Mijn Bespaartips) in the logo is something we are considering, but we are not sure yet. Note: If you decide to make a logo including the text, use Mijn Bespaartips, not My Saving Tips.

The length of logo has to 3,16 times as large than the height. Example: 380px x 120 px

And a favicon would be a nice plus! :)

Thanks and good luck!

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  • Dear CH,
    is there anything else I can do before contest end? Please let me know.

    My best,
  • web mockup #30
  • Something new from me #29
  • Hi All! We've extended the contest with 7 days. This time we will guarantee that we will pick a winner and we will not extend it after these 7 days.

    Currently #17 is our favorite. Clean / nice design / nice font. If you can add a mockup, that would be great. A 'saving pig' is nice. Maybe there are also some other possibilities?

    Thanks and good luck!

  • Hi n_samijn, I have submitted #21 and then read your comments. I also submitted #22 which is more on the professional side. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
    • @sikdesigns Hi. Thanks for your submitted logos. My opinion is that #20 is really simple. #21 is a nice logo, although It's a bit small when you place the logo into the website.

    • @n_samijn Thanks for the feedback. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know. Thanks again.

  • Last day people, only 22 hours left! :)
    • @n_samijn any suggestions on my design? is there something you would like to change/improve? Please dont hesitate to contact me. :) my best

    • @operhal Thanks :) #17 is currently our favorite. Maybe we will extend our contest with 7 days and a guaranteed price. This because all the good logos are with pigs and we can't compare much ;)

      EDIT: We extended the contest. In 7 days we will pick a winner!

  • It looks like a charity ;) #11
  • website mockup #18
    • @operhal Hi. Thanks for the mockup. This looks a lot better.

  • About #16, @operhal Thanks again. We still think It's the best of the current designs. The site has a clean and tidy look. We think this logo is a bit to 'kiddy'. We think a a bit more serieus look would help a lot.
    • @n_samijn thaks you for your reply. So you suggest to make #12 more serious or to create new logo with more serious look? :)

    • @operhal That's up to you :) I think a new logo with a more 'serious' look and font would be better.

    • @n_samijn I am working on new concept. :)

    • @n_samijn hi again, please check #17 and let me know what you think.

  • Dear CH, I add smile to make pig little bit happier. :) #16
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    Best regards! #12
    • @operhal Nice logo. The best so far. A potential winner!

    • @n_samijn Thank you so much! Is there anything you would like to change, improve? Please let me know.

  • Went for darker colors, any tips? Thank you! #7
  • Beste Entry so far. 3 comments:

    1. The gap between the P and A
    2. I think It's a really simple logo
    3. The green color is too bright #3
  • Can you give me any feedback on this design? Thank you! #3
  • Mijnbespaartips #2
  • Mysavingtips #1
    • @sabirali Hi. Thanks for your entry. We are looking for a more graphical logo. The text should be in Dutch, not in English :)

    • OK Sir Thanks :-)