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It's overwhelming. Didn't expect to have received so many entries for me to choose from. Very well worth it from the ROI perspective.

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Winning design #287 by chsnddznn, Logo Design for Milan Teh Studio Contest
Gold Medal

designed by chsnddznn

Project description

Hi, I'm a wedding & portrait photographer. I hope to get a logo that gives me a unique identity. Optional, but it's a bonus if the logo could give viewers a hint of feeling for the kind of work I produce - which I would describe as heartfelt aesthetics. Feel free to have a look at some of my portfolio posted at Btw, 'TEH' is my sur name. 

It's great that the logo shows warmth & friendliness (comfortable to the viewers without edgy look or striking colors). A creative "M" initial as the logo is welcomed, or my brand name "Milan Teh Studio" being the logo as a whole is fine too. You'd probably have much better ideas. Looking forward to see the outcomes!

We happened to have competitors who have their business name starting with Milan, so in terms of the size of design you created, it's good to have this in mind. Please don't just have the word 'Milan' being the biggest there, try including at least my sur name making it 'Milan Teh' or 'Milan Teh Studio' in the same size. Or, you are welcomed to have a unique/creative design of the initial 'M' , 'MT' or 'MTS' etc.

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  • 3 hours more till this contest is closed. First of all, thank you to all designers who follow this contest and your continuous effort to sending me new ideas. I am overwhelmed with the experience here, didn't expect there would be so many entries! Thank you for your time and hard work, I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

    For those of you who still follow and wanted to try before the contest close, I'd just like to share some last few things in hindsight after rating the entries for past few days:

    - try something lifestyle, candid, friendly, something that makes people feel comfortable and warm

    - avoid making little changes to designs that I already rate them high especially if you are not the first one to think of that idea. Chances are,
    1) I notice that and I'm not a fan of it
    2) the original version would stand out more due to the originality and thoughts put in
    3) often, first original design that is thought of looks better than subsequent minor revisions

    - stop using hint of camera/shutter etc. Cause I create something personal/artistic for my clients in pictures but not selling them camera

    - if I rate a design 50 and above, they have done something right, it's either: aesthetics, originality, creativity, thoughtfulness


  • how about this #453
    • @adonkbreww The hint of camera is too strong and the logo could have more refinements for this particularly. I would suggest you drop the direction with a visual hint of camera or shutter. Thanks.

  • mt #458
  • This is negative space of heart which raises letter M. #420
  • hand drawn letters #419
  • I hope you like it #413
  • @milantehstudio, How about this one ? #402
    • @tangassa Thanks for trying again. I think there isn't much difference. Sorry, but to be frank it needs bigger change/improvement and a little more thoughts into the design. I score a design 50 and above when a design resonates aesthetically, or it's creative or thoughtful.

  • thanks for your appreciate. :)
  • what about shis ? #399
  • camera, what do you think ? feedback please, ready for revise or any designs, thanks #400
  • Hello... @milantehstudio, Nice to take apart in your contest. Please see my idea for your logo. I have been waiting for your feedback. Thanks #369
    • @tangassa Thanks for your entry.

      I heart the aesthetic, purpose, creativity and the mood projected from a logo. This, is presentable but regret that I don't think it connects with our brand visually.

  • MT initials, what do you think ? #365
    • @vanlamps I enjoy seeing it as it's being original. I think what could be improved is maybe try something with less angular appearance. Thanks.

  • The 2nd #370
  • Milan Teh Studio #355
  • Milan Teh Studio #354
  • Milan Teh Studio #353
  • Milan Teh Studio #352
  • Milan Teh Studio #351
  • Hi CH,
    kindly check my revision i hope you like it. #341
    Thank you..:)
    • @Nisha21 Thanks, nice try. The camera logo seems to overpower the whole logo due to it's size. For our brand, we don't really need to emphasize the image of we are the people with camera though.

  • Variant with a more elegant M #326