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The Design Contest experience was amazing. Dayadrana was so helpful by answering all of my questions promptly and met all of my design needs. I would definitely love to work with Dayadrana in the future if I ever needed anything else for my business.

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Winning design #108 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for Mile 1 Records Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dayadrana

Project description

Mile 1 Records is a recording studio business quickly evolving into becoming a record label.  Mile 1 Records is located in Rome Georgia (just north of Atlanta) and works with artists of all genres. Mile 1 Records commits to taking an artist to the next level of their career. We are looking for a logo that will appeal to both the male and female eye.  

We need a logo that will stand out in the midst the current music industry giants.  We are looking for a logo that is "hipster" enough to be in our current music age, but classic enough to be around for many years to come.  Please do not submit logo's that look like the common street sign mile marker with our company name (unless you've revamped it in some extremely cool way). 
One idea that appealed to us was having a picture of a road with the name Mile 1 Records above it. But we aren't tied to that idea so feel free to do something different!
We can not think of any specific colors that we should use. I chose a red, green, blue, brown and white in the color wheel but I am not that kind of artist so that's where we need the help of talented artists like you guys! Please don't focus on those colors if you know something will be better.  It would be great if we could use the logo in different color schemes-- with the ability to transfer well on different background colors.
Please avoid looking overly “complex” with excessive fine lines and/or colors. The rest is up to you!  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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  • About #124, @Dayadrana You can pick just only one design, and if you want get another design you can get it using "One-on-One" project. Thank you very much. Regards, Dayadrana.
    • @Dayadrana Okay! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  • Make the background black.

    Make "M1" the same color red as the red in #80.

    Keep the right side of the "R" white like it is now.

    Make "Mile 1" the same color red as in #80.

    Keep "Records" the same white that it is now. #91
  • Make the right side of the "R" black.

    Make the "M1" the same color red as in #80.

    Make "Mile 1" the same color red as in #80

    Make "Records" black #91
  • Mile 1 Records #105
  • Mile 1 Records #104
  • Mile 1 Records #103
  • Mile 1 Records #102
  • About #16, @Dayadrana Thank you for all of your hard work and submissions yesterday. We are really going between #15 and #16. Would it be possible to only incorporate just the Navajo red and coffee brown into this exact logo?
    Could you also try using only the Navajo red and another color you think might go well with it? Do you think black would look good?
  • Something a little different and a bit retro. #81
  • Are you still open to new ideas?
  • About #15, @Dayadrana
    Also, we need to play with the color palate. Our studio is Navajo Red, and coffee brown. Can you please incorporate these colors?
  • About #15, @Dayadrana Hey! My partner and I really think this one is our favorite. We really like your idea of having the 1 in the middle but we think it needs to stand out more. Is there any way to make the one more prominent? We were thinking of having you draw a horizontal line on top of the one (which would connect the M and the R, and also a horizontal line on the bottom of the 1. Maybe even have the line underline the entire length of the M1R? If you have an idea of making the 1 more prominent, please try that out too!
  • simple #60
  • About #52, @cwccdesigns
    Hi carolineee16,
    Good Evening,
    This is the best idea that came into my mind. I incorporate the "M" Like as the Appalachian Mountains which Rome, Georgia locate in foothills of it. Appalachian Mountains is the Landmark of Rome, Georgia which is the center of Floyd County and State of Georgia
    Hope this the right logo you are looking for.
  • CH as you wanted, i removed another lines and make it more simply, hope you like it #40
  • CH as you wanted, i removed another lines and make it more simply, hope you like it #39
  • If any revision i will fix as soon as possible. i'm ready to your feedback #31
  • Hi there! Thank you for all of your submissions! This one I think is my favorite out of the ones you have submitted so far! Very clever! would it be possible to add a little color? Also, is it possible to add more depth inside the circle so that it looks even more like a speaker? Thank you! #11
    • @carolineee16 good morning CH.. Thank you very much for the great message... i uploaded your latest request CH... Thank You...

  • just simple #23
  • About #16, @Dayadrana Hey there! Thank you for your submission! I really really like this one. Very clean, easy to read, not too much going on but it also has style. I think this could appeal to our clients. Definitely my favorite so far! Thanks!