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Winning design #271 by mantis_biru, Logo Design for Milepost Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mantis_biru

Project description

This is for a luxury hotel brand/group.

Our vision is to be the “go to” option for high-end lodging in/near US National Parks as well as other of the world’s greatest natural wonders, all while providing exclusive access to the best adventure activities in those areas in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way that is positively impactful on the surrounding community.

It should be sleek, easy to print/embroider, if using colors – not too many, something that could then be applied to anything . . .

Maybe a post with “Milepost” in a circle or similar at top, and then the ability to add arrows off to different properties (expandable)

We could do white sign, black text and a little stripe of color (maybe green) just below the circle with “Milepost” . . . or that could be black too (keep it super simple)

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  • Thank you. Can this be incorporated into a website ans stationery etc?
  • Look very good thank you. Can this be incoporated into a website, stationery etc..?
  • the concept shown is a combination of the highway and the direction indicated on the letter E.

    Hope you like it.
    please let me know to make it better for you.

    Best regards
    artcile #173
    • @artcile about : #36 #37 #40 thank you

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  • MP2. Logo who represent MP in a shape of mountain-2. #246
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  • I hope you like my concept, so please, give me responds, thanks #233
  • the same concept with little improvement

    Hope you like it. #222
  • Hello,
    Please check my designs let me know do you wanna see any changes? #220 #221
    THANKS! Have a nice day
  • wearing a slightly different concept by utilizing the US flag and the arrow head as a point of view on the striking letter E and still look very simple.

    Hope you like it.
    please let me know to make it better for you. #214
  • The simple one :D #210
  • Second concept #209
  • Hi there,

    This is my first concept logo for your business. Let me know if you feel this logo looks good but needs some changes. Good luck.

    -Rido #208
  • pleaschack my dsign.. #201
  • Please Check #195