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Winning design #160 by lizonil, Logo Design for Milk ChaCha Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

We are a bubble tea shop that preliminary feature fruit tea. if you don't know what fruit tea is you can google "hey tea" in china and see what their strawberry and mango products look like. we are a milk tea and fruit tea only beverage shop. Unlike most franchise shops we use premium imported loose leaf tea, fresh fruit (mango, grapefruit, strawberry), fresh milk, and other fresh products. we are aiming for simple but premium quality to bring the best taste to our customers, not some drink made from synthetic syrup. Please keep the logo color type to less than 3. Make it interesting, fun, and cute. For the logo, please try to avoid generic symbols like just a leaf or a milk bottle. 

It is more important the logo looks luxurious. Also not just a change of how the name is presented but have a drawing that goes with the name. We are looking for a drawing or symbol that if you see it you know its milkchacha. 

Try to avoid using all bright colors for the whole logo. Not saying you can’t use it at all but dont color the whole logo with bright colors like green or yellow.

Fyi cha also means tea in chinese.

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  • @milkchachallc original concept, hope you like it sir. #230
  • @milkchachallc a milk.ology inspired cincept. Hope you like it sir. Have a nice morning and stay healthy! #229
  • Hi, We really like this design, we just have one edit. can you please update the font to what you had in #104 and also in #173? these 2 options so we can see. Also please do keep "cha-cha" with the dash.

    Thanks. #160
  • I know it's a cow and you wanted to stay away from that, but I thought the design might be unique enough to pique your interest. I tried to change the cows nose into both its udder and a cup. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Enjoy. #221
  • The Logo is a milk Mustache. #218
  • Hio #186
  • I hope you like the design I made.
    thanks. #183
  • Heboh #182
  • This one again is easy to read and very recognizable from a distance. Will work in any one colour. #162
  • This is the one with the little bubble monster : ) #160
  • And again but without the hand-drawn kitty, a more digitized version : ) #159
  • Thanks for your feedback. Here is the logo with a more formal font. Kind regards, Liz : ) #158
  • Here is a combination between #20 and #137, I hope you like it - #156, #157
  • Milk ChaCha Logo #155
  • The different is in the mouth #152
  • Hi, please check my design #151
  • Hello, I hope you like this design. It has everything you need. #150
  • Hi, i saw that i received an infraction on #96. But i got this image from a license free website. So i am not violating any copy rights.
    • @Babswork - Please read the rules in Knowledgebase. Logo has to be original and made by you! It can not be a copy, and can not contain clipart, stockart or another 3rd party image. DC moderator

    • @Babba Ok! My bad!

  • Like the desgin. Any way you can change the font to what 39 has and make “milk” easier to read? #81
    • @milkchachallc sorry for the delay, here are some options #131, #132, #133 I hope you like them