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designed by Anonymousph

Project description

Would like to have a logo designed in four versions to use for four business entities. The logo should focus on a pictoral mark with a byline. The imagery should be the same for all four versions of the logo, only the bylines will differ. The bylines should be: Miller Investment Management, PV Ventures, PV Strategies, and PV Advisors. The logos will be used on four separate websites that have the same basic structure and design. The colors used should be the same across all 4 versions. If there are any differences in color or type, they should be slight. The logo should work on both light and dark background, or provide two versions if not. The final logo should be available in vector format. The consistent theme across the four entities is investment fund management and investment advisory services, with a focus on innovation and technology. The company is global, but has a regional focus in the Colorado area. One idea, which is not necessary, is to use an image of a globe with a dot on Colorado.

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  • Dear milleraccella , I've submitted my designs #6 and #8 .Tried to use some symbols of Colorado to generate a pictorial mark. please give any feedback, so that it lets us know whether we are heading the right path or not. regards bukiid
  • The 3 bottom logos should NOT say Miller at all. The text should just be PV Ventures, PV Advisors, and PV Strategies. Only the pictorial mark should be the same across the 4 logos.
    • Hello Milleraccella, Sorry about that! I think I got it now :) Thanks, Sophie

  • Sophchi- Can you also add 3 more versions of the logo with the text PV Ventures, PV Strategies, and PV Advisors (in the place of Miller Investment Management) ?
  • Papos- Each logo should have the same pictoral mark, however they should NOT all say Miller Investment. The text for each should be either Miller Investment, PV Ventures, PV Strategies, or PV Advisors.
  • Same comment on this one as on #16. Please show what the logo would look like with the text PV Ventures, PV Strategies, and PV Advisors. Thanks!
  • Could you also show what the logo would look like if the text were PV Ventures, PV Strategies, and PV Advisors (instead of Miller Investment Management)? There should be 4 separate logos in the end. Thanks!
  • CH, I have submitted #16 and #17. Appreciate feedback. Thanks, dlbonanno64
  • The PV Ventures, PV Advisors, and PV Strategies logos should NOT have "Miller" in them. They should just be the pictoral mark and "PV Ventures", "PV Advisors", "PV Strategies"
  • Thanks for adding this. Could you also submit a variation on this logo which suggests mountains rather than orbits?
    • good day CH... thank you for the feedback.. i submitted my latest design with mountain concept... thank you..

    • good day CH... i submitted latest concept of my designs.. thank you.

  • We like the concept of this and #2. Could you submit a variation on this logo which suggests mountains instead of orbits?
  • I like the mountain concept, however the logo image in this is too large. Could you style it differently, and make it smaller?
  • Can you show what the logo would look like with the text PV Ventures, PV Advisors, or PV Strategies instead of Miller Investment Management?
    • good evening CH.. thank you very much for the message.. i submitted my revised design.. thank you..

  • Can you show what the pictoral mark would look like with the text PV Venture, PV Strategies, or PV Advisors (instead of Miller Investment Management)?
  • #55 #66 This is an updated design of #15. Let me know what you think. Thanks; Jctoledo
  • simply shocking me!i hv never see the meredith logo before i created this,so this is once again simply shocking to me.. i can't believe this,what a coincidence! i track the designer by Lippincot as i read the comment box below and the year state 2009 so definitely someone not stealing from me,bcos i was submit this creation before in a couple of month ago somewhere else but unfortunately i wasn't chosen i thought i hv to track it in case maybe someone might be stealing from what i had submit earlier somwhere else.but it appears not,so this shocking coincident apparently is a bad luck for me.but i want to say thanks to you to for finding this for me,or else i might having a trouble somewhere else. Thank you once again! I'm not going to complain about the infraction or penalty given,but i just want clear this up bcause i hate copiers and i dont want anybody to see me that way.
  • You have copied an existing logo found here:
  • cdg
    Hello. I submitted a design proposal #82 #83 for your project. I'm hoping you'll consider. The design is a take on the letter M and the resemblance of colorado mountains. I hope this serves you right. =)
  • i uploaded my designs, please give feedback for #60 and #81 ,,thanks.
  • I proposed my #78 and O.. and i'd love to know your feedback.. thank you
  • Could you tone down the colors in the pictoral mark, so it is using an array of colors, but not necessarily a rainbow of colors?
    • updated version #77 ~ please let me know if you have any specific color for the logo :)