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There was a big learning curve being our first contest. Mistakes were made that could have been avoided had we has a general guideline. The after contest changes were very hard to come by and things were way too slow. Also, changing the name of a file when new things are added is helpful. We LOVE the logo, we just needed it a week ago.

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Winning design #51 by tofikconcept, Logo Design for MIndful Organics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by tofikconcept

Project description

Looking to achieve a simple, elegant and streamlined logo for a all natural organic soy-based luxury candle and natural body products company. Our mission is to help consumers to provide ambiance and elegance in the production of the finest quality, organically produced fragrance products to inspire and nurture your mind, body and soul. At this point, we need to say that we are looking for a logo AND the name Mindful Organics. (see 1,2 4,6) We need the ability to only use the logo without the name on very small stickers. We also want to use the full logo where appropriate, like on business cards, the website, the front of bottles, etc. And we like the color gold. Real gold. Shiny gold. OR Silver. We love that some artists are making it possible to be on a black background or a white background. We would like to stay away from anything with a candle or flame theme. We will be expanding our line to body sprays, room diffusers, body oils, lotions, etc... What we require from the winner: Files: .ai file .eps flle .jpg file a. Files need to be outlined and everything needs to be on a transparent background for the .ai and .eps files. b. for .jpg file = black & white backgrounds c. Font names & file

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  • Hello Designer #2 I like what you have done with this very much. Could you please describe to me your thinking for the gold logo shape? Interesting. I would love to see this magnified more than this site allows.
    • Hi Robert, thank you! My idea was centered around that "O" from Organics may be used as a symbol for wholeness - that would probably resonate with your audience (eco-friendly people, like myself). And there is that little "flame" in the middle of the O shape, that is specific to your business - candles. I also tried to achieve a sophisticated look without being too overwhelming. I think it's light, modern and conveys the message that it's an upscale brand, too. Please let me know if you have any revision requests in mind regarding this layout. I will try to come up with other ideas in the following days. Thanks, again for your positive feedback!

    • I will upload a magnified version later today, it's all vector so there is no size limit.

    • Thank you for your explanation. I am interested in seeing the logo without the flame in the middle. I like your O for Organics and Wholeness. Let's just stick with that.

  • Hello CH, I have submitted #3 and would like some feedback and guidance. Thanks
    • Hello, Thank you for submitting. I would like to see Organic as plural please. And I need more of a luxury look and feel to this. colors being black and gold, silver, white and or gray. Script font with Mindful Organics? I do like your tag nature's fragrance. Thank you!

    • |--|

      robert3 {*wrote*}:
      Hello, Thank you for submitting. I would like to see Organic as plural please. And I need more of a luxury look and feel to this. colors being black and gold, silver, white and or gray. Script font with Mindful Organics? I do like your tag nature's fragrance. Thank you!
      |--| Hi, Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the misspelling. How does #7 feel?

  • Hello Designer #4, Nice job! Could you please darken the background of the black logo a touch. It's more gray'ish. Thank you.
  • thank you for that change. Is it possible to spread out the script(lighter script) of Mindful on one line and then place Organics on second line under the "ind" in Mindful. Also, if you could put the word Mindful in a white font as well, with Organics in Gold. Thank you.
    • Hello CH, Thank you for your feedback, I've submitted a revision for design #22 based on your requests. Best Regard, LotusBlue

  • Thank you for this. Would it be possible for you to make your "leaf" and the name "Organic" same color gold you used in #5 design for both the circle M and the name Organics.
    • Can you give me rank designs with 30 + points so I can upload the design to change these diminta.saat my limited only 3 design submissions.

  • Can you design a logo for us please. I like your font very much. Logo with a elegant/luxury feel with colors using either gold/black, gray/silver and white. We do like using the M in Mindful as a logo. Or MO, or just a natural organic design that goes with your font. Good Luck!
  • Hi, I've uploaded a gold and silver variation of my proposed logo with a modified "O" as you requested, it's #19.
  • we didn't want green as a color and this is far too simple and we are looking for elegance/luxury.
  • Hello LotusBlue Can you change the font on our name. Make it more script (playful) without the underline. Also I would like to see Mindful on one line with Organics on another below it. Make different fonts please. Perhaps one script one not.
  • we like the idea of the gold border, but it is too plain, run of the mill, not mindful. the "logo" is the same way. Something else in the middle perhaps.
    • How about #16? Logo in the middle? Please be little more specific about the borders. Witch way should I go? Modern? Retro? Slim? Fat? (: Thank you.

  • we dont like the logo above the name. cant really figure out what it is trying to be. Did not mean to eliminate.
  • duplicate of #7
  • #4, We love the design, and the edit to black. can we get the white background mindful edited to black as well? What is the inspiration above the M? Can the 3rd logo be silver instead of gold? We could use the M as the short logo.
  • Hi! Do you have any thoughts about #19? I will try something different if you don't like this one. Thanks!
    • same thing. logo has too many circles, and we like the gold. We would like to see if you could do something elegant with an M and O. staying away from anything with a flame (candle inspired)

  • We love your font, but the logo has too many circles happening. We also love the grey inlay and border.
    • OK, I am glad you like the font. Thanks for your feedback. I will come up with something different. :)

  • HI there! Any feedback regarding entry #17? I would love to hear your input and any adjustments you might like to see!
  • too plain
  • poor color choices
  • HI CH, Submitted another sample entry #57. Kept everything very simple and clean just added a leaf and gold to the designs.
  • hello Zeus, Can you make the color more gold please. it's still looking to orange'y.