Mindshifting or Deborah Mulhern, Ph.D.

I loved seeing all of the creative designs. I didn't like having to pick! I would have liked more advice about what kinds of comments to make. It made me feel uncomfortable to ask for revisions if I wasn't likely to choose a given design but I also wanted to see how things might evolve. I didn't feel I had a grasp of what the shared ground rules are for this kind of situation. But overall it was a terrific experience.

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Winning design #25 by lkyllo, Logo Design for Mindshifting or Deborah Mulhern, Ph.D. Contest
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designed by lkyllo

Project description

The work I do is a bit complicated – ergo the long description below. So here goes. Technically, you can call my field Relational Psychobiology. I am a therapist and workshop presenter for couples and families. Most of my clients come to therapy with relationship problems. I help them understand what happens to the brain when relationships sour and how to use that knowledge to break out of negative patterns with one another. I teach them a way of listening that contains defensiveness so they can actually hear what is being said rather than what they fear is being said. This dialogue process elegantly and effectively sidesteps the brain’s typical reactive patterns and sets the stage for genuine communication – something that doesn’t go on many relationships!! What almost all clients realize is that the pain they experience in their relationships is not imposed intentionally, but rather is the collateral damage caused by their partner’s survival mechanisms. When this concept is understood and integrated, they experience a paradigm shift in the way they view themselves and others – what I call a Mindshift. What science is discovering is that these shifts in thinking have a neural basis. Hardened, older and defensive pathways can be disrupted and replaced with newer and healthier patterns of thought through the mechanisms of neuroplasticity. This is what happens when therapy is successful. Last year, I hired a graphic designer to create a logo for me. She was given a description of all of the elements of my work – the brain, relationships, conflict, emotions, etc. I didn’t particularly like the designs she came up with but I also realized that it may be too hard to try to capture the gist of my work into a simple logo. SO… I would like to see what can be done with Mindshifting but I am also open to the idea that the logo should simply be something using my name.

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  • Good morning, Debbie. I hope I'm coming closer with #59 as a revision to #13. I've separated out the brain from the dialog boxes, and I tried a more professional font, as well. Please let me know if you'd like to see something else. I know the font in #13 wasn't the best for conveying professionalism .... do you know if you're leaning towards a serif or sans-serif font? I can also do a sans-serif font for "Mindshifting" if you're interested. Thanks for the feedback!!
  • I am coming back to this design again -- I really like the way the brain is created where the thought bubbles interact. The arrow is a little to strong but I still like the concept. Can you do something to make the brain a little more obvious?
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  • I love the subtlety of this design - it's a brain shifting. I didn't mention it in my description but left/right hemisphere functioning is central to some of the training that I do, so that is another plus. I don't quite like the fonts, especially the one for my name.
  • I really love the atypical brain image -- it's clearly a brain but not as predictable as usual. I would like to see the blue color added or replace the green. I'm also not sure about the font for my name.
  • I love the way the color changes in the word but the people don't convey the mental aspect of my work.
  • Awww now, come on ... really ... you think #11 is too much like #3? Have you taken a good look at them? How exactly are they alike, aside from heads facing in opposite directions ... and that's a rather common design concept.
  • About #58 and #73 Versions 1 and 2 #58 is a single person with mind set of love or as we say here Aloha. #73 Male and Female elements with mind set of love intertwined to show unity and also shaped to form a quote. Open for critique Mahalo
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  • This is really simple and interesting -- my maiden name which I sometimes consider going back to is Stuckey which would make the inner initials the same as my name so that's appealing. I am not sure what else I would say to tweak this - I like the simplicity a lot!
  • I really like what you are doing here with the talking bubbles and the brain. The way the f is placed makes me see a word without the f that isn't a particularly nice word. Can you try changing a different letter? Also I would like a somewhat cleaner font.
  • This is also great but I like the gradient version better
  • I love this design and your artistry is really apparent. I am not sure how I would ask you to tweak this or even if I would because to add in the element of more than one person would muck it up too much. It has a very modern and clean look
  • Hi CH, I want you to recognize my original idea of shifting some letters of the word "Mindshifting" This is simple yet easy to catch :) Here are various versions #95 #93 #92 #90 #89
  • Dear CH, here are my design artworks: #77, #78, #79. I look forward to your feedback. Regards, Reni
  • About #118 and #119 Hi Ch, Here is my entry. Hope you like it. Thanks laturjack