We really didn't know what we wanted when we began the contest. As entries rolled in, we kept coming back to this one. In the end, we had a couple of minor changes and Junifer was very accommodating and responsive. We appreciate that she is available for updates in the future as we opted to keep the annual count and year notice in the design.

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Winning design #339 by JCreation, Logo Design for MIPconference Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JCreation

Project description

We are a software reseller.  Our clients are all nonprofit organizations.  We put on an educational conference annually for the software users and are looking to brand the conference.  2018 will be our 9th annual.  The conference attendees are mostly accountants with some HR folks thrown in.  You can visit our company page at www.NPSol.com and the conference site at www.MIPconference.com

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  • I think this is it however, we'd like a couple of other versions. Let me know the feasibility of (1) white and/or transparent background. Also, what would it take for us to update the year and conference number (9th and 2018) for future years? #274
    • @michael26 Hi, thank you so much to your positive feedback. sure I'm going to make your request now. but I can not upload the new design, because your contest has expired. if you select me as your winner now we have additional days to perfect the design i will assure you that i will do the revision also the future number annual and the year of the design. :) thank you kind regards, Junifer

  • please write a review on this design without hesitation

    Thank y ou #601
  • This design was inspired by the classic name tag designs seen at business events. Blue is a classically related colour to technology and software and the large pattern is a luxury font of the letter M, relating to the MIP title and it adds a little class to this design. #598
  • Please check this entry. #586
  • Please check this entry. #584
  • Logo proposal C-04 #580
  • The design is good but the color scheme is too busy. Can you change to more muted browns and blues like # 535
    #562. Also, drop the Software Reseller and replace with Learn and Grow tagline
    • @michael26 , About #562, Dear Contest Holder, Thank You for feedback and comments.. I submit the requested changes and revised version #579 , #578 , #577...Please provide me a feedback, thank in advance. Best Regards, Mr. Dragan

  • Thank You for feedback and comments..
  • Logo proposal C-03 #579
  • Logo proposal C-02 #578
  • Logo proposal C-01 #577
  • Good on the white background. Can you also include the logo to the left of the text? #565
  • Logo proposal B-03 #575
  • Logo proposal B-02 #574
  • Logo proposal B-01 #573
  • @michael26 hi sir, i just submitted the revision with 3 versions of the linear format. please check. #555 #567 #568 thanks

  • Please check this entry. #566
  • Please check this entry. #565
  • Logo proposal A-03 #562
  • Logo proposal A-02 #561