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Most importantly, we are happy with the final logo. Communication with DesignContest was always very prompt and the system clear, there was no confusion at any stage. We did quite a lot of fine-tuning with the winning logo, both before and after choosing the winner, but again - the designer always responded quickly and the process went smoothly. Instead of ~60 submissions we were predicted to get in our contest for the amount paid, we received 177! A number of those were amateurish, but as there was plenty to choose from, there were also several strong options. It definitely helps to have an idea of what makes a good and workable logo, so you can guide the process. Would recommend DesignContest and use it myself again. Good value-for-money.

$275 paid

177 custom designs

48pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #159 by mmyousuf, Logo Design for Miss Christmas Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mmyousuf

Project description

Looking for a modern, elegant, sleek, striking logo for Miss Christmas, a retailer specialising in high-end Christmas ornaments. Logo should be grown-up, feminine and professional, can be also slightly playful.

Preference is for logos that contain only the words of the company name or name together with some elegant, simple, stylized festive element (star, Christmas ornament ball, snowflake etc). Words can be as Miss Christmas, MISS CHRISTMAS or miss christmas. We like modern round elegant sans serif fonts the best, but not excluding other options, like calligraphic - as long as we get a great logo.

It would be most helpful to see the designs on white background.

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  • Can I see this and the previous one (#159, 160) without the big swirl on the right? #160
    • About #160, @ebeholahan yes but submission is disable because contest is no more i am sorry about that i cant able to submit according to your wish.
      Thank you for your valuable feedback

  • another option for your consideration.. #168
  • Dear CH, please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #166
  • hey @ebeholahan ,
    check this... #157
  • Would something like this also be possible in 3D as a version of the logo or that doesn't really work for this font? #101
    Also, it would be interesting to see a version of this logo with the decorative element at the bottom being somehow Christmas-specific, while having the same shape and feel as the current one, if possible.
    • @ebeholahan Hi. I can not make the logo in 3d.   and did not understand the rest of the message

  • Can you adjust the gold of the non-3D version (on white background) a bit stronger and warmer - not too yellow a gold, but not this beige either. Also, the stars on top look a bit like crosses on a hill or a graveyard :), so please change the shape of stars or make them into snowflakes or something like that. Also the swirls under 'miss' might be just slightly too complicated and resemble a clef. If there's any tagline at all then it should be "Christmas Decorations For Home & Gifts", but if that is too long and doesn't fit, then skip altogether. Thanks! #125
  • Hello @ebeholahan ,
    check this design.
    feel free to let me know if you need any changes.

    waiting for your valuable feedback... #134
  • Hello @ebeholahan ,
    check this design.
    feel free to let me know if you need any changes.

    waiting for your valuable feedback... #133
  • Very Minimal. Hope you like my design / Calligraphy #131
  • Like the elegant look, but maybe some ornamentation or embellishment could be added to tie it to Christmas. Simple, stylish and stylized though, nothing too cutesy. #44
    • About #44, @ebeholahan Hi, thanks for feedback, can u look at #111? i ugraded this version, i have added ornament to christmas and stars, i think u shoulkd like it :)

  • rah
    Thank you sir for your star rating i am waiting for your feedback
  • Hello.Has added options as you asked. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks. #84
  • A bit more traditional looking than we had in mind originally, but friends seem to like it :) Alignment of "miss" seems very slightly off somehow. Feel like it needs some small ornamentation to take it a step further. #54
  • Prefer the slightly more substantial letters of No 5, but not the short 'i'. Stars should be tweaked - currently to me they look a bit like stars of a car company logo ;) Also, on the version with stars above they seem a bit too separate, removed from the text. Like the red on draft No 5, on any new versions try red on white and gold on white. #4
  • Still like the overall feel, but liked it more in horisontal (No 22) and might be slightly hard to read? Little tweaks needed :) #29
    • @ebeholahan hi thank you for your feedback please check #82

  • Like the overall look, but Miss is too large - Christmas is the more important word of the two. Also more often logo will be used against light background, so white details won't work. #51
  • Still liking the feel of this, but embellishments shouldn't be three different items. Maybe keep just the star on i-s or the bell? Tweak the stars a bit to be more North-Star-like. Also try a version with only the hanging ornaments from No 15 design? Also, white background, please, to see how it holds up. #23
  • Like the modern font/look, however it's miss as in Ms, not as in beauty pageant, so the tiara doesn't fit and also the stress is on Christmas, not on Miss, so the proportions don't work. #38
  • MES
    @ebeholahan hello #74 #75 #76 . feedback pls. what do you think?
  • @ #50