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Winning design #13 by jaycobbb, Logo Design for Mission Fit Athletics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jaycobbb

Project description

I am CrossFit Level 1 Certified and USA Weightlifting Certified coach that specializes in 1 on 1 personal training via functional fitness. My goal here is to have modern yet simple logo that incapsulates fitness, barbells, skull and cross bones with our mantra "Life is a game, only the strong survive". Also a note if it can have influences from the Jolly Roger flag that would be great as well.

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  • Love the kettle bell skull at top of logo. The shape of the overall logo is too much like a stamp or patch in my eyes. If it could be more horizontal and focused more on the kettle bell skull it could certainly work. also, the barbell on the bottom of the logo seems like an after thought and doesn't seem to blend into the logo in my view. #6
    • About #6, @ned_crystal
      Sure CH.. i will update ASAP.

  • black wallpaper RGB #16
  • Really nailed it! Thank you for making the changes #13
    • About #13, @ned_crystal no problem :)

  • Excellent, tag line needs to say: Life is a game. Only the strong survive. #12
    • About #12, @ned_crystal oops,gonna change it

  • This is fantastic! Not to be overly picky, two questions: 1) Can we make the color of the logo Pittsburgh Steeler Yellow? 2) Can we place a period instead of a comma in the tag line and then capitalize the first letter of Only? #10
  • I like the font and the colors, but the two bodies and circle are not in my vision. Some how incorporating a skull would be more in line with my thinking. #2
    • About #2, @ned_crystal hi, thanks! i will try another

  • This is nice but too generic for my vision. I feel this could be any gym anywhere in states. #7