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Winning design #92 by nicolets , Logo Design for Mission Impossible by Niche Groupe Contest
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designed by nicolets

Project description

Hello dear designer, your mission, if you choose to accept, is following: We are distributors of exclusive perfumes, body products and cosmetics brands in the North and South Americas. www.fineluxuryfragrances.com The logo is for "PERFUMES PLUS DISTRIBUTORS", however, we want it designed in such a way that we can use the same logo with our corporation name, NICHE GROUPE, as well. Note: Do not put mission impossible in the logo. - The logo needs to relate to perfumes and cosmetics industry and should not be feminine. - It should reflect that we sell internationally. - Logo needs to be simple yet exhibit luxury with an artistic flair. Logo can have any combination of these colors: black, blue, white, gold or red, but please don't make it black and white only, needs to have some color. You can use other colors as well if you believe that gives it an extra style. Good luck and thank you for your interest and hard work!

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  • I really like the color concept but the logo itself is too simple. Would love to see something out of the box.
    • Thanks for your comments. I have submitted #32 for your deliberation. It's a little more abstract while still maintaining the key brand elements. I hope you like it, and any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Elliot :)

    • Hi Elliot, Thanks for your efforts. The font usage below the logo is good. #32 looks more like a flag design and I cannot relate to the arrow going up. It doesn't say international perfumes distributors to me. You can do better, I know it! :)

    • Hey! Thanks once again for the feedback. I have submitted #56 for your consideration :) Thanks, Elliot

  • Can the Ps inside the black globe be embossed out? The blue P inside the black can be bold so it shows more. Nice work! I can't use this logo with Niche Groupe though, can you also keep that in mind when you refresh this? Thanks!
    • Thanks for your great feedback. I've considered your suggestions– turned up the creativity a bit– and came up with something for you that has a logo which will be able to represent both Perfumes Plus as well as Niche Groupe. I've entered number #25 for your consideration. It maintains that classy and upscale sense about it while also uniquely representing the PP and the NG. Let me know what you think. Any feedback or further suggestions are welcome. -Kristi

    • I like what you have done with the logo and shown NG in it as well. I like how you have + right above P in the word Plus below the logo, that is a cool idea! However, the logo does not say luxury for me. May be use fonts and space out distributors like #33 for a luxury look see #37 it doesn't have to be the same colors as that but that is a bold look. Would love to a different logo design from you based on above points.

  • #10 is very creative design. I really like this concept and the fact that I can see "N" as well that represents Niche Groupe. I really like your designs submitted else where also. Would love to see more options from you. Something bold, luxurious, out of the box!
    • good evening CH.. Thank you for the great ratings and positive feedback about my design...

    • Hi whelrhoe25, I like #33 as well, I have commented on that separately. I would also love to see something different from you other than the ones you have already submitted.

  • Can you make #24 logo design similar to a perfume bottle spraying out the scent? Or incorporate this into brackets that points to global trade? More than two colors can also be used. Blue can be a bolder tone.
  • #14 looks too simple and the colors look very light. I like the way you've designed it very out of the box and something different, but don't like the logo shape. Can you do something with more bold colors and something that relates to perfumes and global distribution?
  • #20 logo looks like a bulb shape, or a candlelight. Therefore it does not relate to our business, please try another design. I like the way you included it logo part of the perfumes plus name. Thanks!
  • #22, design does not relate to our business of perfumes distribution and is too simple, for that reason this one will not work. Thanks for your efforts.
  • Hi Pluk99 #23 is a good thought. It does not show that we distribute internationally. Can you also include blue color in the design? Thanks.
  • Dear Viktorian, Please change your colors to more masculine and bold. Please note this logo should not have mission impossible in it at all. Please see briefing and my other comments. Thanks for your efforts.
  • Dear Nandhulinu, logos need to have perfumes plus distributors in it. Mission impossible is not part of the logo, that's just a title for this contest. Also the logo or icon needs to represent perfumes industry. Please see briefing for more details. Thank you for your efforts.
  • Please remove mission impossible, it should say Perfumes Plus Distributors. I have revised the briefing to make the instructions more clear. Please have a look. Thanks for your creativity and hard work!
  • Hi Nickandnail, - This looks too busy - The logo in the middle looks like a bow tie. - Does not reflect perfumes industry - Please don't make it black and white. I have revised the briefing to include more details and make the requirements more clear. Thanks for your hard work!
  • Dear designer, We do not want 'mission impossible' in the logo. Logo needs to be a design or form that can be associated with Niche Groupe or Perfumes Plus Distributers. Please check out our design brief and resubmit another logo. Also current design is very feminine. We're aiming for more masculine and luxurious. Thanks again for your entry.
    • What is the EXACT name of the logo? The briefing is a little confusing on this point.

    • Exact name of the logo is PERFUMES PLUS DISTRIBUTORS. However, I need the logo to be designed in such a way that if I use the same logo with NICHE GROUPE it doesn't look out of place. Does that help? P.S. I have also revised the briefing.

  • Thanks for your design. We don't want mission impossible to be part of the logo. The logo is for Perfumes Plus Distributors and Niche Groupe. Please look at the design brief and change the logo design. Thanks
  • Hey! I have submitted #68. A little bit of a tweak to the design, but thought it might be cool to show you some variations :) Thanks, Elliot
  • What also like to see a contrast with white background instead of the black. Thanks!!
    • Hey, not a problem :) I have submitted #66 on a light background for you. Thanks, Elliot

  • Good work Elliot! I need two versions from you of this logo as below: VERSION 1 - CIRCLE: A) Incorporate the P logo in a circle red color shaded background with 3d effect similar to #45 B) Add a gold border to the background shape similar to #37 but make the border with a thin golden rope design, for example, http://www.clker.com/cliparts/c/e/e/w/A/n/rope-gold-md.png. C) Emboss the 'P' logo out of the background so it sticks out. Example: http://www.miladisplays.com/photoembossmylar/Cartier.jpg VERSION 2 - RECTANGLE (or square): A) Incorporate the P logo in a rectangle (or square) red or blue color shaded background with 3d effect similar to #45 B) Add a gold border to the background shape similar to #37 but make the border with a thin golden rope design, for example, http://www.clker.com/cliparts/c/e/e/w/A/n/rope-gold-md.png. C) Emboss the 'P' logo out of the background so it sticks out. Example: http://www.miladisplays.com/photoembossmylar/Cartier.jpg
    • Hey! Thank you for the detailed feedback— that's awesome! I have submitted #61 for your consideration, and I'm working on the other alterations as we speak :) If you have any more suggestions in the meantime please don't hesitate to comment. Thanks, Elliot

    • Also a colour variation #62, and a greyscale version #63 :)

  • I like your creativity in using the P and making it a perfume bottle. Nice work there. I don't like the colors used in the background or in the text. I also don't like the font used below the logo and Perfumes Plus Distributors looks disoriented. See #37 for colors that show luxury, that doesn't mean that you can only have red and gold, it can be any other variation but I want it to be bold. Also see #33 for the font usage.
    • Hi Tahir, I really admire that you give feedback to each entry, thank you! I just submitted #59, wherein I attempted to emphasize the international aspect of your brand, hope you like it, Sean.

  • Thanks for your contribution! Font and color usage is ok but I don't like the logo design itself.
  • Hello CH. thank you for your rating. Based off your feedback to other designers, I noticed you seem to like the "royal" quality of the red and gold, so I have tweaked my colors and submitted #58 for your review. I have also removed the perfume bottles from the shield design and replaced it with a reflecting "P" design instead. Please let me know if there are any alterations you would like to see made to the design. Thanks!