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Winning design #50 by Tanzy92, Logo Design for Mission:Wildlife Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Tanzy92

Project description

A new, small non-profit organization working to get policies passed in the United States that will save more wildlife but also do so ways that benefit local communities, farmers and other businesses. We are distinguishing ourselves from other non-profits that work in this area by focusing on innovation - and the future and on taking risks for greater return. Groups like Defenders.org, nwf.org, nature.org are different. The name is also a play on the show Mission:Impossible in which a team of dedicated, skilled professionals succeeded in every mission. The mission of saving most of the wildlife on the planet is not impossible. Fire or imagery/color associated with brightness and ideas are helpful. Name could have capital M and W or no caps. Its not a partisan group - really trying to find ideas that appeal to the middle.

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  • Sorry, but there are no elephants in America which is where our work is focused. Otherwise, like the style/font and colors.
  • Hi CH, I have created #20 for your consideration. I have used US animals like horns of a moose, eye of a bald eagle, paw of a American black bear, teeth of a mountain lion and tail of a coyote. Kept the colors minimal and towards earthy tones. Please note that colors can be changed as per your choice. It would great if you can provide feedback. Regards EcoDesigns
  • Clipart is not allowed in logo contests! Source: http://www.allstarvinylsigns.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=141
  • Not bad. The writing is a little hard to see. Placement of bird make it look a little like a peach dipped in chocolate (bird is stem/leaf). Slightly smaller (oranger) sun with bird higher might do it?
    • Hi there, Thanks for your feedback. I've entered #14 and #15 with some adjustments to (hopefully) correct for your concerns by adding and editing some details. Feel free to let me know if you have any other suggestions for improvement! -Kristi

  • Simple but might be better if M and W sizes were a little closer to that of the rest of the words. Instead of sun, something like tiny birds flying out (and up)or animals tracks moving out (and down) might be better. Sun reminds me of BP oil logo a bit.
    • Thanx for your feedback. I will work on the things you have mentioned & post it back as soon as possible.

  • Hi again, I was free to show you some possible branding examples with my design, please check #13
  • Hi timothymale, I made correction so please check #12 (instead giraffe skin on D i put animal/bear claws marks) and I added additional element - buffalo horn on L. I hope you will like it. For any further correction please dont hesitate to contact me. Best regards
  • Like the lettering but not the background. Would be too hard to place on a webpage/business card.
  • Like this but animals are from Africa - need U.S. animals (inc. insects, plants, etc.). All life really fits what we do.
  • A little too similar to Defenders of Wildlife and I just think of elk conservation with this logo
  • Tks. Much better with the different new font colors.
  • Sorry, this design is just too busy and the org. name is almost invisible.
  • One of the contrast points with other groups is that they are so single animal focused. Defenders of Wildlife is a wolf logo. Save the Manatees. Panthera (cats). The font here is clean and looks great, but the single bear paw would unfortunately just make people think of bears. We cover all wildlife (including plants).
  • Like the design a lot but the D is of giraffe spots and we have to stick with U.S. wildlife. Tail of F might be clearer as a bear/jaguar paw.
    • Dear CH thanks for your feedback. I will make changes and post soon as possible. Best regards

  • Letters are a little hard to read and small compared to the plant.
  • I like the design but it shows African, not U.S. endangered wildlife and plants.
  • WARNING: Clipart is not allowed in logo contests! Source: http://www.clker.com/cliparts/4/p/e/d/M/d/trout-silhouette-md.png
  • WARNING: Clipart is not allowed in logo contests! Source: http://www.vectorportal.com/img_novi/s-design9vpdolphin_5180.jpg
  • The storks are great, but it would be better to have a small school of fish (or a trout) than a dolphin. Paws look great.
    • I have changed the illustration of dolphin to trout in entry #39 . The thing you are asking for will lead to complexity of design & those details will fade at small scale.

  • Sorry. U.S. focused. No elephants in America. The organization is also more focused on little creatures than big ones. Bears and wolves and manatees and sea turtles already have dedicated organizations behind them. But thousands of less visible, less cuddly creatures are at risk of extinction.